The Nue Co. founder Jules Miller says her brand has always been a health company.

Whether the focus is on gut health, skin health, or reducing stress or fatigue, The Nue Co. has fundamentally focused on wellness. Some would even consider it to be one of the first brands to make a conscious effort to fuse beauty and wellness as one.

“As a brand, we have been able to drive meaningful conversations around people’s perceptions of health. For too long, our health has been siloed into specific ‘categories’ and disconnected from the whole,” says Jules.

“We want to continue to normalize conversations around mental health –we were the first brand within the beauty and wellness space to launch a campaign purely dedicated to mental health awareness, and this has remained a key part of our DNA as a brand.”

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The company launched in November 2017 with the mission of redefining the relationship we have with our health. Working with clinically proven ingredients and fusing Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practices has served as the foundation of The Nue Co.’s products.

“Our mission back then was simple, and it remains the same today: when in doubt, turn to food first. Nothing works better. When you can’t, take our supplements,” says the brand on their website. Since 2017, The Nue Co. has largely been focused on supplements with healing abilities for whole-body wellness, but this past year they expanded into other categories.

The Pill is the brand’s first skin serum and Forest Lungs is their new and now best-selling anti-stress fragrance.

Jules’ background has always been within the wellness space. Before embarking on The Nue Co. journey, she worked in business development for a London-based start-up called The Detox Kitchen. She spent her time there gaining a better understanding of the wellness industry and what it takes to build a successful business model.

We talked to Jules about her passion for supplements and their ability to heal our bodies, the challenges when looking for retailers and suppliers that match your brand values, and sustainability in business.

The inspiration

Jules was in her mid-twenties when she started experiencing symptoms of IBS. She was even hospitalized and was often uncomfortable due to bloating. All of the supplements she was taking ultimately made her symptoms worse.

Inspired by her grandfather, a chemist at Cambridge University who would create his own natural supplements, she figured there was a better way to treat her symptoms than taking supplement shots in the dark. From there she starting researching and looking into what’s actually in the supplements she was taking. What she discovered wasn’t up to her standards, so naturally, she made her own – just like her grandfather.

“I’m proud to say that one of our original products has become one of our bestsellers—DEBLOAT+—because it’s helped so many who face the same problems I did,” says Jules.


Sustainability can mean many things for a brand: packaging, giving back to organizations, and sourcing ingredients responsibly are all under this big umbrella.  Since its launch, The Nue Co. has placed importance on each of these categories.

All products are housed in glass jars and bottles, and any of the cartons the products come in are 100% recyclable. “Not only do our signature pharmaceutical glass protect our formulas without the need for harsh preservatives, but glass is also the easiest material to recycle and reuse. It is an infinitely recyclable material and has an endless lifespan,” says Jules.

The brand estimates that since 2017, they have saved around three US tons of plastic by using glass packaging. Jules says in 2020, they also introduce a refill program with the packaging made from category two recyclable plastic, which is 28% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and can be easily recycled through all household programs. The brand also notes they have cut the average packaging weight by 75%, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and reduced packaging waste.

Giving back in big ways

“We operate as a brave brand that often breaks down the wellness category norms in order to be part of conversations that are affecting the health of our community today,” says Jules. The Nue Co. has always advocated for conversations around mental health, transparency in the industry, and racial injustice.

Jules believes our personal health is intrinsically connected to the health of our community and the planet. And to care for our own health, we need to care for humanity.

“We also want to continue to support the health of the communities around us, having raised money through joint initiatives with Charity Water and GLAAD and direct donations of care-packages to healthcare workers and members of marginalized communities. In 2020, we also committed to a long-term partnership with Charity Water, donating 1% of online sales to fund five water projects, bringing clean water to five communities in the developing world,” says Jules.


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