Social media has created opportunities for underrepresented communities to connect, discover, and inspire those that might be separated by borders and water.

Online, we are all one. Social media has given trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people a safe space to be themselves and uplift one another through activism, beauty, fashion, comedy, or other creative pursuits.

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Showing your support and listening to those in these communities cannot only exist online. In order to further the important messages of authenticity and love, we must make it a mission to talk about their stories with our friends, family, and peers. Doing so will help them better understand the importance of representing trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming individuals, and the entire LGBTQ+ community at large. Start the new year off right by following and supporting these boundary-breaking folx. Below, we rounded up a list of influencers that we believe should be on your radar this year.


2.Bishen, @Thatsbishen

3. Radam, @Radamridwan

4. Ayman, @Thekillermonsta

5. Maxwell, @Maxwelljameson

6. Jamie, @Jamierosedee

7. Mallory, @Mal_hice

8. Ilona, @Ilonaverley

9. Eli, @Elierlick

10. Jeffrey, @Thejeffreymarsh

12. Schuyler, @Pinkmantaray

13. Jocelyn, @Jocelynclairereed

14. Noah, @Noah_scout

15. Jamie, @Justjamiep

16. Morgan, @Mxgoldrick

17. @Theoneandonlyrexy

18. Mia, @Queenmiagold

19. Thorne, @Thornhawthorne

20. @E_kiomi

21. Alejandra, @Alealejndra

22. Ryan, @Reigningryan

23. Black Wolf Kixen, @Issakixen

24. Alexis, @Theglamjesus

25. @Missfiercalicious

26. @Theequeenstar

27. @Sgbeverlyhills

28. Ren, @Thedollren

29. Rogue, @Itsjustrogue


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