CBD skincare overwhelms me.

All of the literature and products out there make me feel trapped. It makes me like I can’t learn about it, like I can’t attain it due to price, and I don’t know who to pay attention to. But I do know about stress. In fact, I think I experience more than a fair share of it.

CBD skincare brand Prima has helped me understand what whole-body wellness looks and feels like. And along the way, they’ve taught me about CBD and its benefits without adding to my stress.

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Prima is serving as the blueprint for brands looking to educate consumers on the beauty cannabinoid craze. They don’t see CBD skincare as a trend – they see it as a movement. Prima is offering ethical standards, clarity, and undoing a big web of misinformation. I’m not sure their CBD education can be beaten: they make it all understandable for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Prima is putting people behind the words you read on their site, meaning you know who’s telling you this kind of stuff. You know who’s educating you and encouraging you to make holistic self-care changes. This isn’t just a gimmick, or a brand looking to get rich quick on a beauty trend. Prima wants to help you change your life and hone in on your relationship and balance with your stressors, whatever they may be.

It’s not every day you get to nail down three founders for an interview, but that fact that I did speaks volumes about the message Prima wants to spread. It’s obvious they’re here to inspire and educate a community, and they’ll stop at nothing to get the job done. Read on to learn about the journey of Prima and how they’re creating the best standards for CBD use in the beauty industry.

The brand & founders

Christopher Gavigan, Laurel Angelica Myers, and Jessica Assaf are the team of founders behind this science-led brand. They believe stress is an epidemic within our world and their primary goal is to offer education and deliver products with the highest quality and transparency they possibly can to their customers. Talk about having GOALS! Setting out to define standards for sourcing, sustainability, and consumer safety with CBD is nothing short of amazing and much needed in this convoluted industry.

The brand’s website notes they want to “uplift science and nature to advance health and cultivate wellbeing,” and further explains that we have reached a “radical tipping point” in history due to the stressors we all take on in our daily lives. Prima explains the importance of balance because without balance, we can cause upheaval in many aspects of our lives. They place importance on themes like connectivity, and how we all deserve better.

Within a year of launch, Prima became B-Corp Certified, something that often takes years for brands to achieve. It’s the ultimate seal of putting people above profit and committing to sustainable practices and ideals. Since Prima considers themselves a “betterment brand,” earning this seal early on in the journey was destined.

Education & ingredients

When striking up a conversation about their digital magazine, which offers wellness stories, hemp 101, recipes, and more, Jessica explains the reasoning behind the publication further.

“That was actually our first ‘product’ essentially,” she says. “We launched with 100 pieces of content because we felt it was important to back our mission and have something hearty to show our community from the start.”

It’s clear their education efforts on-site are important, and fuel their mission in more ways than just publishing supporting content for their products. Featuring real stories from individuals and coming up with unique ways to tackle stressors shows further their mission of wanting their brand to inspire a way of life with good habits, relationships, and balance that lasts.

I was completely candid with the Prima team about how I feel uncomfortable using CBD products from brands I don’t know much about. I noted how Prima inspires customers about CBD in such a different and respectful way.

“Any brand breaking into the CBD industry who doesn’t make an effort to show you their face or where they are drawing their research and studies from, you should not consume or use,” says Christopher. This made me sit back and think.

The products

During the interview, I was skimming the product list to see which ones I thought could best be implemented in my life for that moment of calm to help bring myself back to a place of comfort and balance. Hearing Laurel talk about how the products Prima launched has helped her refocus her attitude towards her family was really inspiring. Personally, I know how easy it is for me to get so caught up in what is happening in my own life that I end up being very reactive to situations or towards the people that mean most to me in life.

Prima has a variety of products that utilize whole-plant hemp extract. They carry powdered supplements like Brain Fuel ($55) for focus and to uplift your mood, topical creams like R & R ($55) to soothe any discomfort, and facial oils like Night Magic ($86) for hydration and to give your skin some glow. With supplements, skincare, and body care, they have something for everyone’s lifestyle.


– Prima is a brand looking to de-stress your life and define standards for CBD in beauty

– Founded by Christopher Gavigan, Laurel Angelica Myers, and Jessica Assaf, the trio is looking to bring balance into people’s lives using whole-plant hemp extract

– They’re B-Corp certified, meaning they place people above profit

– Buy HERE, and visit their Instagram HERE


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