Dr. Roshini Raj was inspired by her patients to pursue probiotic skincare.

After a probiotic treatment, she would see her patients transform. Their skin was soothed, glowing, and healthy! She knew she needed to bring this concept to a wider audience, and she wanted to educate people on whole-body wellness through the use of microbiome teachings. She went on to create her brand, TULA, in hopes to teach others to focus on being healthy and confident, not perfect.

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It’s clear Dr. Raj is a total badass. Besides being an entrepreneur and creating an amazing skincare brand, she is also a practicing gastroenterologist, a mother, and a health and wellness expert (she’s a medical editor for Health Magazine!).

With all of her knowledge and passion for the health and wellness space, she launched TULA in 2014 in the hopes to bring more awareness to the skin’s microbiome, skin barrier functions, and inspire confidence in beauty consumers. TULA keeps the core belief that probiotics are the best way to balance one’s skin. TULA actually means ‘balance’ in Sanskrit. When creating a formula, everything is heavily researched via clinical studies and that’s how they decide to include or not include important formula-defining ingredients.

Their branding is undeniably fresh and sparks happiness with their bright colored packaging. And TULA’s website is absolutely covered with clean beauty and probiotic education wherever they can fit it in. They’re not just doing it, they’re preaching it! They’re helping their customers figure out their skin needs by understanding themselves and how the microbiome works. A+ for ingredient education, TULA!

TULA’s #EmbraceYourSkin campaign conveys the concept of ‘healthy, not perfect.’ TULA has pledged to no skin retouching EVER in a broad effort to normalize skin texture, something we all wish we saw more of in the beauty space. Their inclusion efforts are remarkable and it feels so good to see REAL people using their products. Because everyone has normal skin.

We wanted to know just how Dr. Roshini Raj made it. With so much on her day-to-day plate, how does she do it ALL? TULA is quite literally a work of art, from branding to education, to how their products WORK. Some of our favorites include the Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm, Signature Glow Refreshing & Brightening Face Mist, and The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser. We scored some time with Dr. Raj to get all the details on one of our favorite beauty brands. Read on for more.

What is your background in beauty like?

As the child of two doctors, I knew I wanted a career in medicine at a very young age. Not only was I interested in science, but I was raised to believe that your career should help people very directly. After earning my Medical degree at NYU (where I now practice) I became fascinated by the microbiome and how this universe inside our bodies affects our entire body. I continue to be amazed by the life-changing benefits probiotics have on my patients’ well-being and their skin and now get to share that with the entire TULA community.

How did the idea for TULA start?

I was inspired to start TULA by my patients after noticing how much better my patients looked and felt after a course of probiotic treatment. Often their skin was calmer and clearer and I could tell they were feeling better before they had the chance to tell me! I began to research the topical benefits of probiotics and after uncovering research finding that probiotics have a proven ability to soothe and calm skin inflammation, TULA was born. Our mission is to help women and men gain confidence through falling in love with their skin again, so TULA is all about pairing clean and effective ingredients with powerful probiotics and skin superfoods for healthy, balanced, glowing skin.

What do you think makes TULA so special and how does it inspire you?

I love this question! TULA is special because of our community and the inspiring stories that they’ve shared. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I read reviews or customer emails talking about how TULA has helped boost their confidence and changed their skin.

What would you say were some of the challenges you had to overcome?

As an entrepreneur, practicing gastroenterologist, mother, and more, my schedule can get incredibly hectic. Taking time for myself and setting aside time for self-care can be a challenge but is always worth it. A healthy diet, sleep, and exercise make a big difference. I personally love doing a face mask, taking a bath, and limiting screens to help myself rest and recharge.

If there is one thing about TULA you want your community to remember or takeaway, what is it?

It’s all about confidence and being healthy, not perfect! Probiotics are beneficial for your skin but TULA is also all about helping everyone gain confidence through falling in love with their skin again. TULA encourages our community to #EmbraceYourSkin through all of life’s stages. It’s important to approach beauty from the inside out, putting good things in like probiotics and superfoods to improve overall health.

Do you have any advice for aspiring individuals in the beauty community?

Get inspired! I love the beauty community because of the constant innovation, creativity, and creation of new ways to build confidence. I would recommend soaking up all that you can and getting involved in multiple ways to be able to see and learn as much as possible.

Follow TULA on Instagram to keep up with them and their #EmbraceYourSkin Campaign.

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