We’re all suckers for a good ode to the ’90s, especially when beauty is involved.

The ’90s were all about frosty lip gloss, dramatic lip liner, and eyebrows far too thin (thank god they grow back). We’re not sure if those trends are quite coming back, but something we can safely bring back in 2020? Enter: Super bold lips. We’re talking the deepest of ruby reds and bold chocolate browns that scream ’90s makeup trends. Think  “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” & ’90s J.Lo vibes. Are we bringing you back yet?

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Today, Sweet Street Cosmetics brought us some nostalgia with their Always ‘n Forever Liquid Lipstick Launch. With names like 1993, Escandalosa, Whisper, and Sad Girl,  Sweet Street say these lipsticks are inspired by ’90s LA culture. Spoiler alert: the collection is killer.

Haven’t heard of Sweet Street? No worries, you won’t miss out anymore after this. Co-founders Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo decided to take inspirations from their childhoods, iconic women from pop culture, and Latinx beauty culture and blend it all together to make Sweet Street. Sweet Street aims to add to the beauty conversation and celebrating the intersection of culture whenever possible.

Since launching, Lala and Natalia have been working hard to close the gap within the Latinx representation in the beauty space. Just in time to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s get into the ingredients of the new liquid lip collection.


Despite technically being a matte cream liquid lipstick, Sweet Street does call these both moisturizing and lightweight. The formula is infused with vitamin E to moisturize and prevent that cracking or dryness people often complain about when talking about matte lip products. The lipsticks do have a smell – a light and sweet vanilla. Sweet Street Cosmetics are both cruelty and paraben-free.

The Review

These are SUPER pigmented. I could tell from just one look at the tubes. I’m not really a big fan of matte liquid lipstick because all the ones I’ve tried make my lips look insanely dehydrated. I usually opt for a sheer gloss but sometimes that gets old. I want my lips to look good, but it’s also refreshing to not have them be tacky or wet from a gloss. Especially since our lives revolve around wearing a mask for now.

When you put the product on your lips, there’s a wave of moisture as it glides on. It almost feels too smooth to be a matte cream formula. But within 10 seconds the formula does settle and leaves a completely matte look and finish. I found the liquid lips to feel a bit too dry to my own liking, so I did end up adding some gloss over top. However, this was the first matte formula where I didn’t feel I looked like a clown… like my lips weren’t painted on entirely. Even with the formulas being so pigmented, they just looked so natural on, which I loved.

Personally, my two favorite colors are 1993 and Whisper because they are a bit more neutral and match my natural lip color. Sadgirl and Escandalosa are much more showstopping with their brightness. Overall, the colors are all super beautiful and while there are only four shades, I think everyone could find their color – they are all so versatile.


– Sweet Street Cosmetics just launched their Always ‘n Forever Liquid Lipsticks

– They’re an ode to ’90s LA culture and feature names like 1993, Whisper, Sadgirl, and Escandalosa

– $22 each

– Contains moisturizing vitamin E and they smell like vanilla

– Light-weight matte cream formula

– Cruelty and paraben-free


Any lipstick lover would be thrilled with these. Even if matte cream formulas aren’t your first pick for lip products, consider these a gateway into that world. Buy HERE, $22

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