I rarely click on Instagram ads or my explore tab, but I came across Inn Beauty Project and I was instantly intrigued.

I loved the look of their products, but I initially failed to take note of the brand or account name – something I would come to regret. I spent the next few months searching the ends of the internet to try and find them again. I would say to my friends, “What’s that super colorful beauty brand with lightning bolt eye patches and fun lip oils?” They had no idea what I was talking about.

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Months later, I finally found them again through another Instagram ad. I imagine the feeling was comparable to when you find your doppelgänger or your long lost soulmate. I looked them up, and their brand motto really spoke to me: “We are a community rooted in self-expression, inndividuality, and innclusivity.” I liked their play on words and how they tie it back to the brand name.

Since launching in August 2019, Inn Beauty Project has scooped up a great community on social media. They have 31.2K followers on their Instagram and they’re on the come-up on Tik Tok with 17.2K followers. My favorite thing about this brand is the art that it inspires people to make. Their Instagram is LOADED with illustrations of the products from fans, like this one from @nathillustrates.

Okay cool. The brand ~looks~ great. They’re non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable…thank you. But, are they VGL approved? Keep reading to see if goodies from Inn Beauty Project are goodBYES or good BUYS.

Slushy, Serum Moisturizer Crush ($28)

Slushy feels and looks exactly how it sounds, minus the chunkiness. Inn Beauty Project describes this product as “a unique texture your skin has not felt before.” Hit the nail on the head right there. Since Slushy is a serum and moisturizer hybrid, it hydrates your skin like NO other. While I wasn’t ready to ditch a serum in my skincare routine, I used my regular serum alongside Slushy (I usually use 2 anyway). Not only did it keep my skin hydrated and bouncy looking but it did smooth out the large pores around my nose and chin area over time

Almost all of the Inn Beauty Project products have what they call “the even out complex.” It’s a plant-based complex that evens your complexion, by targeting hyperpigmentation, redness, dark spots, and dull skin. The even out complex is paired with bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, and yuzu (high in vitamin C!). This was my first time using a product with bakuchiol in it and needless to say, Slushy is my new secret weapon for getting hydrated and smooth skin.

Slushy is also THE FIRST skin care product containing a pump that is fully recyclable. Most pumps have a spring mechanism to help them pump, which makes them unable to be recycled curbside. Slushy is 100% plastic, with no little metal spring. Just peel the label and toss it in your bin. Buy HERE, ($28).

Next Level Daily Moisturizer ($28)

I’m a big fan of gel moisturizers because I have oily skin and I want the formula to sink into my skin almost immediately. Next Level is a bit creamier, I’d say, but definitely not oily or greasy. The texture of this moisturizer is that sweet spot where it’s not too heavy for day time but it’s thick and nourishing enough for repairing your skin overnight. I don’t normally opt to use the same moisturizer in the morning as I do at night, but this one did the job and it did it well. It’s only been less than two months since getting this product, and I’m completely out. I actually cut it open to get every last drop.

The star ingredient that’s a VGL staff fave? You guessed it, niacinamide. It’s paired with apple and mango extract to boost moisture levels and deliver a high amount of vitamin C, ribose (a plant that can reduce the appearance of large pores and energizes your skin like a cup of coffee), and bilberry extract, which is full of fruit enzymes and EVEN MORE vitamin C!

Not only does it work way better than my previous vitamin C-infused moisturizer but it’s also cheaper and wayyyy cleaner in terms of ingredients. Hands down, a good BUY.  Buy HERE, $28.

Lip Glaze #2, Berry Lip Oil ($15)

This is the first lip oil I’ve ever been able to use. Why? I’m allergic to nuts, and lip oils are almost always made with sweet almond oil or hazelnut oil. (Side note, if any of you Lighters know of a lip oil without those ingredients, DM US!)

Seeing that the lip glazes were not formulated with any nut derived oils, I actually jumped for joy. The brand has a total of three lip glazes, but I loved #2 the best when compared to #1. They recently launched #3, which I’ll have to scoop up next, since the light pink color looks so beautiful.

The texture was really smooth. It wasn’t slippery like I expected a lip oil to be – it was more of a thin gloss, and not sticky at all. The color and flavor of Lip Glaze #2 is just fantastic. It’s a deep hibiscus pink color in the bottle but it goes on super sheer. It’s naturally colored with berry and beet extracts. I’m pretty fair-skinned with blond hair, so this one looked really natural on me and it’s super buildable in terms of color, which isn’t that common for glosses/lip oils.

Besides berry and beet extracts, it also has acai! Acai is rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamin C to repair lips and keep them soft. Natural red root oil also comes to the rescue in this formula to repair lips. I wouldn’t grab this to soothe chapped lips in the winter, but it does moisturize fairly well. Fermented pomegranate is in there, too, to help gently exfoliate.

For $15, this is a total buy. Most lip oils and quality glosses are way more expensive than $15, and even though it’s buildable, you really don’t need much to treat your lips to all the goodness this little guy offers. Buy HERE, $15, and never be without it again.


  • Inn Beauty Project is a clean, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free brand that will help you achieve your best glowy and hydrated self
  • All about “innclusivity” and “inndividuality”
  • They’re sold on their website AND at Credo! (which means they’re Credo standard/ingredient approved)
  • Slushy ($28), Next Level ($28), and Lip Glaze #2 ($15) are all must-haves
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