Cue the heavenly choir, Fenty Skin has officially landed in our possession and we don’t know how to act.

Like many in the beauty industry, we were itching to get our hands on Rihanna’s new line to see what it’s really like. Fenty certainly has a reputation for shaking up the beauty world with its launches. Back in 2017, Fenty Beauty changed the industry by releasing Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in an inclusive 50 shades. Called “the Fenty effect,” Rihanna’s impact has caused many makeup companies to rethink their foundation launches entirely. The days of brands offering only ten shades to pick from are long over. (Thanks Ri Ri!) The Fenty Beauty YouTube channel also regularly uploads makeup tutorials that include both men and women, driving home the importance of inclusivity in what often can feel like an exclusive industry.

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From lingerie to fragrances to clothes, ever since Rihanna launched Fenty, the collaborations have sparked inclusive magic across the board. Naturally, when Fenty Skin released its dreamy poolside teaser with A-list stars Lil Nas X and ASAP Rocky, our excitement hit an all-time high. Would Fenty Skin live up to its hype? Already surpassing $100 million in sales in less than a week, we put the three-step skincare line to the test. Check out our honest, unbiased review below:

Total Cleans’r Remove It All Cleanser ($25)

The first step in Rihanna’s line is of course a cleanser, which also acts as a makeup remover. This cleanser is made up of barbados cherry, ginkgo biloba, green tea, fig, and quince. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a full beat or just wiping the day away, the cleanser is said to be gentle on the skin, while removing any trace of dirt or makeup.

This might just be my favorite product and is now a staple in my skincare routine. It lathers up extremely well and is very gentle on the skin. As someone who suffers from oily skin, this was a very refreshing product that left my skin feeling so fresh and so clean, clean.

Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum ($28)

The Fat Water had me very nervous, I’m not going to lie. I opened the package and the toner serum looked super thick (hence the name), but it honestly surprised me. Fat Water claims to help reduce dark spots, while also brightening and smoothing out the skin. This toner serum is made with six main ingredients, including niacinamide (AKA a form of vitamin B3) and witch hazel water.

Upon squeezing the Fat Water into my palm, I immediately noticed the clear color, even though in the bottle it looks peachy. Because of its thickness, I was nervous that it may be oily, but it was actually a little sudsy. While patting it into my pores, I felt it was a little sticky, but as it dried, the feeling went away. While I’m used to a toner that slightly warms my face and has a thin consistency, the fat waters offer a thicker one that I could feel my skin slowly absorbing.

Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum 30 Sunscreen ($35)

This SPF was created to follow the Fat Water in your morning routine. Created as a 2-in-1 sunscreen and moisturizer, it fights dehydration while also targeting discoloration. Made with eco-friendly ingredients with sustainability in mind, this sunscreen doesn’t contain chemicals known to harm coral reefs. This is the only product that comes packaged in a box, and once I opened it, it was clear as to why. With the case on one side and the pump on the other, this product is refillable!

After only a few uses, I have seen dark spots on my forehead lighten, and I credit the Hydra Vizor for this miracle. This SPF is made with niacinamide as well as hyaluronic acid, aloe, baobab, and kalahari melon. As a Black woman, I rarely used SPF in the past, due to the whitecast they would often leave behind – even products that promised to be clear.

As I pumped the Hydra Vazor out, it looked like a normal SPF, but when I applied it to my face, I noticed the white color dissipate. I adore this product for that reason alone.

Buy or Bye? Def, buy. The products work as promised, and I appreciate how sustainable Fenty Skin is. All packaging is either twistable or squeezable, making for a mess-free routine that’s also recyclable. Each piece was made with “earth-conscious details” in mind, and I truly believe that. I can’t wait to see what other skincare products Rihanna has to offer. In the future, I would love to see Fenty Skin come out with an eye cream and night moisturizer. This launch proved that she knows what consumers want right now: eco-friendly products that perform.

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