The protests inspired across the country has shown that we still haven’t combated racism hard enough.

It’s structurally entrenched in our economic and political system, which means that the best way forward is not only through policy but the economy. We can spur change by voting but also by supporting black-owned businesses so they can thrive. Black Americans can rise up and close the economic gap that continues to wreak havoc on our communities.

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While not everyone can physically join in the protest, each person can do their part by checking in on their friends, family members and coworkers who feel triggered by these events, doing their research in an effort to step into someone else’s shoes and by donating time and money to the Black Live Matter. Don’t have the means to support? Here’s a video you can watch to help get it advertising money.

For those who want to support the community, we’ve rounded up a list of black-owned skincare, makeup and hair care brands that everyone can invest in.

1 Buttah Skin

Buttah Skin was created for men and women with melanin-rich skin just like the founder’s, Dorion Renaud, with products that work to resolve complexion challenges. Star ingredients include Vitamin C, Shea Butter etc. and the hi-tech formulations make this a luxurious, highly efficacious yet affordable skincare range.

Must-try products:

Buttah Cleanser

Buttah Vitamin C Serum

2 Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter offers multi-purpose quality handmade grooming products at an affordable price. Key ingredients include Biotin Liposomes, Burdock Root and White Willow to condition and moisturize a healthy beard, Kale Protein, White Willow Bark, vitamin and botanical complexes to restore textured hair and Pomegranate Enzymes, Turmeric Root and White Willow Bark to promote clearer, smoother skin.

Must-try products:

The Beard Collection

Daily Hair Care Bundle

3 Bevel

Bevel products were specifically made to solve problems for POCs, by POCs. From beard trimers, to shave kits, skincare regimens, body lotions and hair care – Bevel is paving the way for black men to treat themselves with care.

Must-try products:

Moisturizing Face Gel

Sulfate-Free Conditioner

4 Frederick Benjamin Grooming

Founder Michael James wanted to remedy the specific issues that black men faced regarding their hair: from dry scalp, razor bumps, in-grown hairs etc. – with a regimen full of natural oils and clinical ingredients free of irritants.

Must-try products:

The Waver Starter Kit

Natural Curls Kit

5 H.I.M-istry Naturals

Army veteran and licensed skin care specialist, Darnell Henderson, launched H.I.M-istry to tackle shaving and common skincare problems such as acne, dryness, ingrown hairs and premature signs of ageing all in one go.

Must-try products:

AHA Clearing Pads

Pomegranate & Glycolic Face & Beard Wash

6 UnSun

Since 2016, UnSun Cosmetics provides clean mineral sunscreens for POCs that leave no residue, or white cast behind!

Must-try products:

Everyday Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen

Handcreme SPF 15

7  Alaffia

Alaffia was launched in 2003 by a couple inspired to create social change through entrepreneurship. The brand was one of the first disrupter in the natural skin and hair products industry and is all about fair trade and community empowerment, so you can be rest assured that your purchase is going to great causes!

Must-try products:

Neem Turmeric Clarifying Facial Toning Mist

Everyday Shea Butter Unscented Body Wash

8 Élengé

Hand made in small batches with all natural ingredients that are ethically sourced and fair-traded make the London-based, Congo-inspired beauty brand Élengé a success! Carine’s products are made without parabens and synthetic fragrances and smell absolutely divine!

Must-try products:

All-Purpose Shea Butter

Facial & Body Coffee Scrub

9 Epara

One of the first natural luxury skincare collections to serve women of color, Epara is a line of high quality, scientifically-proven products derived from organic African ingredients that pamper and soothe black skin types.

Must-try products:

Brightening Night Balm

Natural Cleansing Oil

10 Pattern

Created by the iconic Tracee Ellis Ross, PATTERN focuses on products that promote healthy hair for natural and kinky curls and coils.

Must-try products:

Argan Oil Hair Serum

Hydration Shampoo

11 Sonshine Bath

A mom and son is behind this beautiful brand that offers unique, handmade skin care solutions that foster amazing skin!

Must-try products:

O’Honey Facial Cleanser

Almond Rose Facial Oil

12 Zandra Beauty

Founder Zandra Azariah is only 19 years old, but she has a knack for entrepreneurship since her sustainable, plant-based alternatives to commercial skincare products proves successful and lucrative.

Must-try products:

Zandra Covid-19 Prevention Package

Japanese Kumquat Probiotic Deodorant

13 Noirebud

NOIREBUD is a CBD luxury product line that pays homage to the men and women of color who have fallen under the governments grip of incarceration for handling marijuana. The products are the first of its kind in the black and brown community to capitalise on the cannabis beauty wellness craze.

Must-try products:

Holy Grail Package

Recover Go Stick

14 Shani Darden Skin Care

Esthetician Shani Darden is behind many of Hollywood’s most flawless faces, and she built a cult celebrity following with her retinol-based products once she launched her own line.

Must-try products:

Retinol Reform

Sake Toning Essence

15 Kaike

Keli Smith launched KAIKE products in 2015 to celebrate melanin-rich skin with ingredient lists that read like yummy cake-like recipes to eat.

Must-try products:

Kaike Tasting Set

Clay Mask and Scrub

16 KNC Beauty

After a trip to Tokyo, Kristen Noel Crawley was inspired to create her own all natural, collagen-infused lip mask to achieve soft, pillowy, kissable lips. Now all the major darlings of Hollywood are just as obsessed with it!

Must-try products:

Collagen Infused Lip Masks

Retinol-Infused Eye Mask

17 Hyper Skin

Desiree Verdejo, creator of Hyper Skin, struggled with crazy hormonal breakouts and dark marks after her pregnancy and nothing worked until she created her own serum with vitamin C, E, Kojic Acid, Turmeric and Bearberry. Since then, the serum has been a huge success for those looking to fade hyper-pigmentation.

Must-try products:

Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Skin Serum

18 Base Butter

Base Butter’s Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer is a holy grail for those struggling with oily or combination skin.

Must-try products:

Aloe Vera Gel Face Moisturizer

Sustainable Makeup Remover and Pre-Cleansing Cloth

19 Inua Naturals

Working with small-scale farmers and artisans to build their businesses, improve production capacity, sustainably increase income, and provide community-driven solutions is the USP of Inua. This brand offers handcrafted natural products formulated with Moringa, Baobab, Turmeric, Lemongrass and Coconut Oil.

Must-try products:

Organic Ylang Ylang Cleanse Soap

Organic Baobab Hyper-pigmentation Treatment Set

20 Uoma Beauty

Founder Sharon Chuter has worked for many years at Revlon, L’Oréal, PepsiCo, GSK and Benefit Cosmetics before launching UOMA Beauty with a forward-thinking, radical and uncompromising range drawing inspiration from her Nigerian heritage.

Must-try products:

Say What?! Foundation

Double Take Contour Stick

21 Black Opal Beauty

Black Opal was the first of its kind back in 1994 to cater to the nuances of black skin and empower its beauty.

Must-try products:

True Color Velvet Finishing Powder

True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

22 The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that first started out being handcrafted in the founder’s kitchen and embraces unique types of beauty!

Must-try products:

Squad Goals Fast Face Kit

Stuntin’ Fast Face Kit

23 Mented Cosmetics

Mented first sought out to create the perfect shade of nude lipsticks for darker skin tones, but now it offers so much more from eyeshadow to blush…

Must-try products:

Brand Nude Semi-Matte Lipstick

Mented Gloss

24 Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath captures the power of transformation, beauty and makeup in exquisite palettes, 50 legendary lipsticks, divine dozen eyeliners and five fetish-worthy lip pencils!

Must-try products:

Mothership VII: Divine Rose

Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette

25 BoyFace

BoyFace is a clean, plant-based line of anti-ageing skin care products for men that includes peptides, plant stem cells and extracts, enzymes, natural oils and is free from animal products, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes and harsh chemicals.

Must-try products:

Daily Start Exfoliating Cleanser

Firming Eye Serum

26 Solo Noir

The Solo Noir skincare system brings back clear, healthy skin in a streamlined way with 2-in-1 multitasking products to drive results to combat blemishes, dry skin, uneven complexions, and ingrown hairs.

Must-try products:

Starter Kit

Shaving Kit

27 That’s Smooth

That’s Smooth offers a complete men’s grooming experience with targeted products free from parabens, phthaltes, sulfates and synthetic fragrances to address specific needs for nice smooth skin or a nice soft beard.

Must-try products:

Premium Natural Complete Shaving System

Premium Natural Beard Product Set

28 Hair Rules

Anthony Dickey started the first texture-hair laboratory in New York with his concept salon Hair Rules.

Must-try products:

Premium Natural Complete Shaving System

Premium Natural Beard Product Set

29 Nu Wave

No chemicals, no harsh ingredients and no petroleum are found in Nu Wave’s products. Therefore, always ensuring  fresh waves and haircuts.

Must-try products:

Wave Control Styling Stick

Nu Growth Pack

30 Bolden

Bolden: skincare regimens that are expertly-crafted, responsibly-sources and tailor-made for women of color by women of color.

Must-try products:

Bolden Acne Treatment Kit

Bolden Glow Kit

31 Golde

Founded by two trailblazers in Brooklyn, Golde offers fun and easy superfood-boosted essentials for beauty from the inside-out.

Must-try products:

Make Your Matcha Kit

Complete Beauty + Wellness Kit

32 Black Girl Sunscreen

Sunscreen that caters exclusively to melanin-rich people, fine ingredients, no white cast, no parabens, and harmful chemicals… What’s not to love!

Must-try products:

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

BGS Kids SPF 50

33 Mary Louise

The founder has always been obsessed with hand-making her own natural beauty products and she believes this should be accessible to all.

Must-try products:

Green Tea Facial Cleanser + Miracle Serums + Mud Mask

Raw African Black Soap

34 Oui The People

Since 2015, grooming and shaving brand Oui The People has grown to include a large following of non-binary people and continues to pioneer in the space of beauty.

Must-try products:

The Single Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Sugarcoat Shave Gel-to-Milk

35 Klur

Esthetician Lesley Thornton’s fondness for minimalistic regimens and personalised treatments for over 2500 clients has led to the natural establishment of Klur.

Must-try products:

Gentle Matter Daily Moisture Cleanser

Elements of Comfort Botanical Oil

36 Essentials by Temi

Founder Temi Shobowale began to formulate skincare products with organic plant-based ingredients for herself, and her newfound glow intrigued her friends and demand for her handmade products grew!

Must-try products:

Mini Facial Essential Duo

Sleepy Honey Buttercream

37 Hanahana Beauty

Hanahana Beauty is an all-natural, skincare and wellness brand that fairly sources its Shea Butter in Ghana and creates products by hand.

Must-try products:

Laced Package

Vanilla Lavender Shea Butter

38 Aba Love Apothecary

Certified aromatherapist, Aba Gyepi-Garbrah’s love for medicinal plants, exotic flowers, precious oils and resins led to the creation of her brand where she promotes nature’s virtues.

Must-try products:

Grooming Oil Men’s Facial Serum

Petal Facial Mist

39 Lauren Napier Beauty

Following a successful career as a makeup artist for major magazines, film stars, music icons and even the President, Lauren Napier decided to launch her own beauty brand of luxurious makeup wipes.

Must-try products:

La Rose


40 Oyin Handmade

Husband and wife duo created Oyin to serve those and themselves in need of natural and organic products for highly texturised hair. Soon enough, they expanded with multiple ranges as demand increased.

Must-try products:

Whipped Pudding Rich Natural Moisture Cream

Softening Beard Butter

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