The Internet went into shock when Troye Sivan dropped his latest music video, “Lucky Strike” late last week.

That’s because, among many factors: the summer vibes, the beautifully colored cinematography, and Lana del Rey vibes, the dreamy video included a seriously handsome bartender who’s a heartkiller. Literally. The video, from the Golden Globe-nominated singer’s sophomore album, Bloom, has Troye giving serious bedroom eyes to an oceanside bartender. The video gets really dark as Troye goes to get a drink and said hunky bartender takes out his heart, squeezes it and makes a drink out of it.

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(Photo Courtesy YouTube)

Bloodiness aside, Troye’s love interest, whose name is Brandon Good, has become an overnight sensation of sorts. Now a lust-worthy Internet heartthrob, the 25-year old’s follower count was boosted 10K in a few days. We tracked him down to ask him about his newfound fame, his modeling career, his outrageous abs, but more so, just how he gets the glistening glow to his complexion. It’s really all impressive.

Firstly, tell me about you, where you’re from, how old you are and what you do. I’m from Indiana, Pa. A small town in western Pennsylvania. I’m 25 and I’m a model.What was your childhood like? I come from a very loving tight knit family. I have an older brother and younger sister who i’m very close with. Most of my childhood was dedicated to sports.How were you first discovered as a model? Did you ever think you’d be so huge in the fashion industry?I met a scout/photographer close to where I’m from in the city of Pittsburgh. He submitted my photos to an agency in New York — I eventually got signed and immediately relocated to New York. I had no idea if things would work out for me in this industry.

You went from playing football to fashion – how has that changed your perception of people in fashion? Has it changed how you think diversity, the LGBTQ community?My perception has changed so much. I never really payed attention to the clothes that I wore and basically lived in a t-shirt and sweatpants. I knew absolutely nothing about the fashion industry. I think what’s changed the most is my tolerance for those that have an issue with diversity or the LGBTQ community. I don’t have time for them.Can you tell me about why skincare is important and list all of the products you love and why you use them? Who’d you learn skincare from?That was one of my first times using a sheet mask! Skin care and grooming is very important to me. I use a cleansing face wash by Boscia. I find it helps keep my face clean after sweating hard from working out or to wash off the makeup used on a long day of shooting. I also use the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask every couple of days to help boost the glow of my skin.I find that diet, working out and drinking a ton of water also helps in keeping nice clear skin.

You’re also one of the fittest models around – tell us about your workout and diet! It’s SO impressive to see your body on Instagram.I workout everyday no matter where I am or what I have going on that day. I write my own workouts on a tiny piece of paper so that I can follow and check off as i complete. I base it on what I feel like I could use some work on. For example if I’m feeling a little slouched that day, I’ll most likely focus on a back routine to straighten my posture. I try keep my workouts as high intensity as possible.My diet consists of a lot of greens and protein(mostly eggs, beef or chicken) I stay away from gluten all together and drink over a gallon of water a day. You only get one body!What was it like playing a love interest in your first major MV? What did you learn? It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from watching Troye in front of the camera. He was so comfortable and such a presence.How did your friends back home and family react to seeing you in the video? My friends and family were very excited. Some of them knew that I was going to be in the music video, but didn’t realize how big a role I would play. They have all showed so much love and support.What’s the future like for Brandon? What’s left to achieve? There is still so much that I’d like to achieve. I definitely want to pursue acting and make it a focus this year — especially now that I’m based in LA.

Finally, how has your perception of feminism or LGBTQ or being an ally changed since being in fashion – or has it not changed at all? It hasn’t changed. I’ve always believed in equality and that love is love.

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