There’s a conundrum every person who happens to wear makeup faces each day. Reapply SPF by smearing your face or just go without and RISK IT ALL. The latter is just ~easier~ leaving your skin prone to sun damage from the nefarious UVA/UVB rays of the sun. But it’s also dangerous, as we’ve read so much about the damages causes from the sun.

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So what’s a man to do when foundation is already set, baked and ready to go? I’ve had this thought multiple times throughout my life and wondered just WHY there wasn’t a solution to this. Of course, there are so many primers with SPFs that come in spray forms, but I’ve often wondered if there was an SPF made for this very purpose.

(Soleil Toujours is sunscreen in micro mist form. David Yi/Very Good Light)

And I finally found the product. It’s the Organic Set + Protect Micro Mist PSF 30 from Soleil Toujours. The brand was created by Valerie McMurray, a founder who wanted to create a brand that was organic but also without any harmful ingredients. These include: parabens, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate. The result is a beautiful sunscreen-only brand that’s 70%+ certified organic and packed with antioxidants.

I’ve been testing this for an entire YEAR (!!!) just because I’m finicky (and very suspect) with any type of sunscreen. And there’s good reason to. Other than some sunscreens being super harmful to your health, some just don’t feel good. Often, physical sunscreens leave a grey cast behind while chemical ones break you out. Others feel sticky, leaving a metallic odor behind.

This one is delightfully light and refreshing. It’s a mist, so it beautifully latches onto your skin and hydrates it while setting your makeup. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how seamless the entire process was and noticed my skin was calmer than it was before using the product altogether. And because it’s a fine mist, it spritzes out in tiny micro particles – almost like supple dew on a foggy morning. The best part of the product was just how it became habitual. I’d douse my face whenever I needed hydration, which was every 2 hours, using it completely like a mist. I realized later just how great this was for ensuring I was constantly protected throughout the day. The Micro Mist only lasts for up to 80 minutes so applying every 2 hours made sure that sun damage was NOT happening on my watch.

The downside to this product is that it’s still an SPF 30 – and for any skin obsessive, I need a minimum of 50. There have been many arguments that anything over 30 is “fine” but when it comes to sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, I am NOT PLAYING AROUND. Something else that’s kind of heartbreaking: the fact that this bottle is a little pricey, $36 for 2 fl oz. I found it lasted an entire 2 months with daily use and in the end, used it sparsely because I wanted to save ever last drop.

All in all though, if you can afford it, the $36 is totally worth it – ESPECIALLY if you’ve been wondering how you reapply SPF without messing up your flawless makeup throughout the day. It’s the easiest application of SPF, well, ever, and I’m really obsessed.

BUY Soleil Toujours Set + Protect Micro Mist SPF 30, $36, here

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