(Photo by Carolyne Teston/Very Good Light)

Hot and humid summer months means sweaty, sticky MFS (melting face syndrome).

That is, when your face is so wet with brine, you either wipe the salt sludge off with a wipe, or it does so itself. Some say this is why in the scorching months, makeup is something you should stray far from. Sure, it makes total practical sense. But what’s the fun in that? We’d argue that you can and should wear makeup in the summer, but one that won’t smudge and a look that will enhance your already dewy complexion.

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We call this the one subtle yet bronzed makeup look that will carry you through the entire summer season. It’s not only completely easy to achieve, it makes you look sun kissed and under golden hour no matter the time of day. All you’ll do is paint the inner corners of your eyes and your cupid’s bow (that’s the top of your lip).

What you’ll need:

  • Makeup brush
  • Mirror
  • Gold eyeshadow
    1. When looking for a makeup brush, we’d suggest a medium-sized one. For this look, we’d find a “crease brush” or a makeup “blending brush.” These are used specifically for your eyelid and amazing in that it’s dense, thick and blends out colors amazingly. We like this one from Urban Decay called the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush ($21).
    2. Hold the brush like a pencil and dip your brush into the gold eye shadow (like you would paint!). We love this one from Shu Uemura in white gold ($20).
    3. Then, with your brush, gently (and lightly!) paint in your inner eye. It’s the corner of your eye and you need not go crazy with the brush, rather, gently dab. If you need a little more, tap, tap, tap until the color goes on. Remember this is a subtle, bold look. Do so with your other inner eye as well. Try to perfectly make it symmetrical.
    4. After your inner eyes are colored in, take the rest of the color and paint your lower eyelid. There shouldn’t be ~too~ much color on it. It should again, be super subtle. Do so with your other eye.
    5. Finally, take some color and outline your lip line. It’s one point in your face that light reflects the most and an area you definitely want to highlight in the summer. Lips are sexy, they’re sumptuous, they’re, well, what summer is about. So make them the star attraction.

…And scene! You. Are. Ready. To. GLOW!

Hair by Brittan White; Makeup by Lou Factora; Photos by Carolyne Teston; Produced by Liz Denton; Special thanks to Donna Kang and Team Timo Weiland

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