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Sometimes, dear readers (I’m really not gonna lie), my life feels like a total hot mess.

As an entrepreneur running Very Good Light full-time for the past six month, my life has been neither here nor there (between NYC and LA), but everywhere (as some of you maybe have seen on social media). I don’t feel as if I have a steady home because it seems as if being in transit is the only constant in this dizzying life of mine.

I’m definitely not complaining. Though my life at times seems uncertain and in upheaval, it’s also absolutely thrilling to have the freedom to travel whenever and whenever I want to, spend time with friends and family I haven’t seen in years, and work extremely hard from whichever cafe has the best WiFi.

But it also means I have to be completely nimble and mobile when it comes to my stuff. As a beauty editor who’s constantly testing products, schlepping them cross-country is never fun. I try to consolidate as much as possible and only bring the essentials: skincare products, a BB cream, SPF and maybe a compact cushion if there’s room. But when it comes to traveling with my toothbrush, my Sonicare has been a little cumbersome. Not only do I have to find extra room for my charger, I have to force the big electric toothbrush into my extremely small Burberry dop kit.

And so when Quip reached out to test its toothbrushes, I was actually really open to testing it out. The brand told me that there were no chargers, the toothbrush was slim and lightweight, and would completely fit wherever I needed it to.

The price is everything.

Oh, just a toothbrush trying to look sexy on some prickly Californian succulents.

What’s really cool about Quip is that it’s pretty affordable. While my Sonicare brush was upwards of $190, Quip was about $40 for a metal electric brush. If that’s a little too hefty for your wallet, they also have a $25 electric brush that’s plastic. The model is pretty cool as it’s subscription-based, meaning that the brand will send you a new brush head every three months. For $5, you get a new brush head or a 3-month tube of toothpaste. There’s zero commitment and you can definitely cancel whenever. Though, since the toothbrush works on battery via the brush head, users are kind of bound to this subscription model. Love it or hate it, it’s something that you have to subscribe to if you want to continue using the toothbrush.

It’s sexy AF.

Yes, Quip is probably the sexiest toothbrush out there. The brush comes in six colors ranging from copper, slate, silver, gold, to two plastic ones in green and blue. We tested the copper color since it’s a little like rose gold which we’re kinda really into these days.

Don’t mind my dirty mirror. How instantly cute does this toothbrush make my bathroom? (Photo by David Yi/Very Good Light)

The Quip toothbrush is delivered to you in a bright silver bag and includes a toothpaste, toothbrush, and a case/carrying stand. The latter is kinda cool as you can leave your toothbrush on your mirror or standing upright next to your other beauty products. It sure beats a disgusting old cup you use to put your toothbrushes in. Also, the really gross Sonicare charging stand that gets green/yellow with bacteria from water, etc. Quip definitely wins when it comes to saving space. Not having a pesky charger makes it a saver in any bathrooms especially mine in New York City where space is extremely limited.

But does it work?

It’s a tongue cleaner!

Quip’s brush literally vibrates the second you press the front button. It also has a tongue cleaner on the back. Unlike the Sonicare brush, it doesn’t spin around on each tooth, rather, uses the vibration to get plaque off of your teeth. The brush pulses every 30 seconds so that you know when to move to another section of your mouth. This lasts for 2 minutes. Quip is all about gently brushing your teeth. I was instructed to brush slightly side to side. This is a complete departure from what I’ve been taught: Brushing up and down and around.

While Sonicare is all about being lazy AF and allow the brush do to all of the work, with Quip, you have to put in the work. It wasn’t too bad, and dare I say, was enjoyable to use. After an entire week, I felt that using the brush was something I looked forward to. As someone who is absolutely, completely into aesthetics, brushing with something so chic made me feel a little more stylish.

But after an entire week, I did feel that the Quip brush didn’t make my mouth feel as squeaky clean as my Sonicare. For instance, that post-dentist smooth feel wasn’t there. Where as a Sonicare seems to get into the crevices and really work at getting my teeth cleaned, the Quip was about how much effort ~I~ put into it. I do think that it’s much better than a manual toothbrush but saying that it gets my teeth cleaner than Sonicare wouldn’t be accurate at all.

Final verdict: While I love Quip, for deep cleaning, I’m sticking by my Sonicare. That’s not to say I’m disposing of my Quip at all. I truly do love it. It saves space, makes my bathroom look chicer (again, aesthetics), and does do a proper job. If you’re looking to save some dough, definitely get into Quip, it will change your brushing forever. If you have a Sonicare, I’d suggest only switching if you need something more mobile.


-At $25 this stylish electric toothbrush is a great deal.

-Cleans your mouth and does a sufficient job.

-Is completely mobile and very travel friendly.

-Does not clean as well as Sonicare.

-Comes with a 3-month subscription where you get a new brush head.

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