Wait, getting that smoky K-pop eye is easy, you say?? Say WHAT? (Photo by Carolyne Teson/Very Good Light)

G Dragon & Taeyang & BTS & Dean. Whatever your poison, each of these K-pop guys have one thing in common: that dramatic smoky eye.

If you’re new to the genre and have been living under a rock (which, we don’t blame you with all the crazy ass Trump news as of late), Korean pop has become a global phenomenon. Full of brightly colored outfits, exceptionally choreographed moves, and completely swaggy stars, it’s no wonder that everyone including Jaden Smith wants to become a Kpop star.

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Or at least, resemble one. In the past few years, the Kpop look has been imitated. That includes translucent skin, colorful hair and a dewy (chok chok!) complexion. But those who are proficient to the art of Kpop seduction know that it’s the eyes that are the windows to a complete thirst trap. Getting the look is easy AF and depending on your level of eye makeup will take you less than 5 minutes! Don’t believe us? Here’s how!

What we used:

1 Milk Makeup Eye Marker

2 MAKE Marine Salve

3 Your fingers!

Step 1: Mark your territory

Hold your eye marker (or eyeliner) like a pencil or pen. You can totally use any other eyeliner from brands like Anastasia of Beverly Hills to NYX. Find a dark or black shade as it’ll be the best for smudging later (see below) Then, simply draw a line on the top of your inner waterline (that’s the inside of your lid). It’s okay if it feels weird. It’s supposed to! If your eyes water, well, that’s your body reacting to something so foreign!

It’s okay if you make a mistake. It takes a lots of practice to have a steady hand! You’re doing a good job, just be patient. If you have unsteady hands and find the liner getting everywhere, it’s cool. Simply take a wet Q-Tip and erase. Then try, try again. Draw until there is a thick line. And for those who really want a dramatic look, draw your lower lid as well.

Step 2: The Art of Smudge

With your pointer finger, smooth the black color out. You’ll see that the eyeliner will start smudging. Just don’t go crazy. You don’t want the color to go too hight above your lid. That is, to your brow bone. Simply smudge so that it covers your eyelid.

Step 3: Take that gloss

Whether it’s Milk’s Face Gloss, MAKE’s Marine Salve, or simply petroleum jelly like Vaseline, take a small drop into your finger. Then add to your top eyelid. With the color you’ve already smudged, smudge a little more. Do it until the color start blending into your eye. Don’t go so crazy though and look like Fall Out Boy from the early aughts. Pete Wentz is NOT your style icon.

Step 4: Dew the right thing

Do the same for your other eye. Allow it to be super glossy and almost pearlescent. With the remaining gloss or Vaseline, add to your lips and your cheekbones as an instant highlighter. Voila! You’re done!

Step 5: Perfect that K-pop steeze

Korean pop boys are all about looking pretty but still projecting masculinity. Try to perfect your own steeze like our model above who has the perfect pursed lips, bedroom eyes, and some smokin’ swag. K-Pop is all about having fun with your look. So be brave, be bold, be brazen and show it off!

Photos by Carolyne Teston; Makeup by Louanna Factora; Hair by Brittan White

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