“You’re at a 0% hydration level,” says Christine Chang, the co-founder of the Korean beauty e-commerce site, Glow Recipe.

We’re sitting at the brand’s pop up shop in New York City’s Soho for Very Good Light‘s first-ever Boy Beauty Master Class and the skincare expert is measuring someone’s skin with a circular device.

“Don’t worry though, you’ll be supple and bouncy in no time.”

The night was one that was an intimate event with under 20 beauty boys who weathered the subzero temperatures to get some beauty hacks from Christine and our editor, David Yi, nosh on some goodies from Chobani and sip on some bubbly from Whispering Angel. It didn’t matter who they were and where they were from, what they did (Cue: Backstreet Boys) – from editors at Into the Gloss, OUT, Esquire, to stylists, models and influencers – they all shared one thing in common: they are obsessed with beauty.

After measuring hydration levels, and opening up pores with a few toners, the guys were instructed to mask. There they were, 20 diverse guys, masking together in unison, porcelain-white soy sheet masks stuck on their faces. It was certainly a sight to be seen. Petrifying, even. Just look at this photo:

Christine then shared her knowledge of masking with us. If you’ve ever thought about doing masks, this is a quick refresher you need to read! At the end of the night, these beauty boys left with supple, glowing, soft skin. The same guy who had 0% hydration in his skin? He left with 99%. After learning, masking and rejuvenating, this is what we learned:

1 Use a toner first.

The best way to get the best hydration? Well, cleanse your skin, duh. But after that? “Use a toner,” says Christine. It will not only cleanse your pores but will also open them up for maximum hydration. Bonus points for anyone who exfoliates, Christine says. “But don’t use something like grated apricot seeds,” she says. “It’s natural, but also it will break your skin.” Christine explained exfoliating like being stuck in a traffic jam. “If there are piles of cars, you can’t get through. It’s the same with your skin, you need to clear it so that you can get into it.”

2 Dab. Dab. Massage. Dab.

“Your skin is like a sponge,” Christine says. “Use it like one.” Meaning, don’t just apply moisture or a toner on the surface. It will fall off or evaporate into thin air, she explains. Instead, she suggests dabbing your toner or moisturizer in. She explained using a product three times over. You simply push the product into the skin instead of rubbing it. The heat from the hands will allow the moisture to get in better so allow the product to seep in.

3 Don’t forget the nose!

Common mistake numero uno: Not fitting your mask to get your nose. Meaning, the flap isn’t placed onto it. “So many guys forget that their nose isn’t getting masked,” Christine says. Your nose needs moisture (and love!), too!

4 Clear out air bubbles.

A good method to use is going inwards, outwards. After placing your mask, start inwards, then smooth the mask outwards. This gets rid of any pesky air bubbles. Sit back, relax and don’t continue rubbing the mask. The essence will seep through thanks to there being a sheet mask sitting on top of it. “It’s like a lid to a pot, the mask ensures nothing gets out,” Christine says.

5 Yes, masking is great for beards.

We had many bearded dudes ask this question. Yep, beards need moisture, especially in the winter, and get brittle and scratchy when dry. Masking is a great conditioner.

6 And acne, too!

Self-explanatory. Pimples and acne aren’t cured by masks, no, but the skin still needs that moisture. Additionally, a lot of pimples pop up in the winter time because of lack of moisture. The skin overproduces sebum because it’s dry and then causes acne to happen. Mask more for less acne.

7 Leave on for 15-20 minutes max!

That’s the golden number: 15-20 minutes. That’s a single episode of The Office, on Netflix. That’s the time it takes to Snapchat an entire, thoroughly extra story. That’s how much time it takes to think of a cute meme to go with your selfie. Go. Dew. You.

8 Masks can dry out your face.

But don’t dew too much! Masks can and will dry out your face. “So don’t wear them overnight!” instructs Christine. “The dry mask will seep the moisture out of your skin if you wear it too long!” Yikes.

9 Don’t waste that extra serum.

There’s plenty of serum left in its package, also in the mask that you’re wearing. “Put the extra serum on your neck, the back of your hands, wherever it’s dry,” she says. “Serum is your friend.”

10 Pull the mask upwards.

Pulling downwards is pulling down on gravity. That means a saggy face. No bueno (we’re on a Spanish kick today, can you tell?). “Pull the mask off upwards. Always,” that was a threat from Christine. JK. She’s just looking out for your future face. Good advice!

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