How Lord Jones became the biggest CBD brand on the market

And in the sixth year, the Lord said, “Let there be light.”

Well, Lord Jones, that is. The CBD brand, which launched in 2013 – and best known for its colorful gumdrops – is now one of the most recognizable in a crowded market of cannabis products. The brand made a major step when it was Sephora’s first-ever CBD brand to land inside brick and mortar stores, a major signifier that cannabis was on its way to becoming destigmatized. And Tuesday, the brand announced it would be available in all 171 Sephora locations with its bestselling CBD Formula Body Lotion, Body Oil and new Royal Oil.
So how did the brand do it?
For one, Lord Jones was one of the firsts to develop cannabis products in California by working directly with those who experienced ailments. Its founder, Robert Rosenheck, created a non-profit wellness collective and soon discovered how effective cannabis was. “We discovered the healing and wellness properties of cannabis and had patients of all walks of life with a variety of issues,” he tells Very Good Light. These included those with serious conditions such as cancer, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, migraines and chronic pain.
After creating confections, supplements and skincare for his patients, he realized it was the CBD and not the THC that they wanted. A few iterations later, Robert realized just how effective CBD was for alleviating major pain. It’s then that he decided to dedicate himself to destigmatizing cannabis and creating an aspirational brand to appeal to others in need.
Lord Jones

(Photo by Lord Jones)

Cannabis is complex and our understanding of CBD and the other constituent compounds in the plant comes from working directly with patients who suffered from serious conditions,” he tells us. “This work changed our lives and is the heart of everything we do.”
It’s what he says distinguishes Lord Jones from all other products on the market. Though he admits they’re known for their chic Hermes-orange packaging, Robert says it’s really the product that speaks for itself. But in an Instagram universe, of course aesthetics only help. 
The brand became an almost overnight sensation when it released its gumdrops. Coming in beautiful orange square boxes, the nine beautiful CBD-filled jellies seem almost irresistible. It’s what brings people to recognize the brand and allows customers an easy entry point into discovering its other offerings.
Like the brand’s lotion, which gained an immediate cult following in Hollywood. It was after celebrities began applying the product to their feet before walking the red carpet to alleviate pain, that Lord Jones was cemented into the zeitgeist of beauty culture.
Since, the brand’s launched at Sephora online in October, was the first CBD product to launch in all SoulCycle doors in March of this year as well as all Sephora brick and mortar stores starting yesterday. Its newest offering is the Royal Oil, which comes at 1,000mg per bottle. With such potent CBD, it’s said to relieve pain almost instantly.
Lord Jones

(Photo by Lord Jones)

In terms of best uses of CBD, Robert says it differs person to person. “Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and dosage can vary by individual in order to achieve desired benefit,” he says.We are constantly discovering new ways to utilize the product from our consumers. As a pre/post work out recovery tool, sleep aid, anxiety reducer and pain reliever. It’s a blessing for us to make these natural, plant-based remedies available to people seeking alternatives to chemical pharmaceuticals.”
Though it may seem as if CBD is a passing trend, Robert begs to differ. He says the ingredient is here to stay. “Cannabis is ancient medicine that has been used around the world for centuries,” he says. “We are in the midst of a revolution: the mainstreaming of cannabis. It’s a wellness revolution. It’s an economic revolution. It’s a social justice revolution and it’s a revolution of consciousness.”

Does this new Lord Jones CBD body oil work or is it just cool?

Has CBD reached peak oversaturation?

That’s what I thought when I discovered that Lord Jones, the ultimate in cool CBD brands, launched at Sephora. As I’ve said before, I got into the brand through its jellies, which Georgie Greville, co-founder of Milk Makeup, passed over to me last year in NYC.

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For a once discreet indie brand to go mass is interesting intel for several reasons. For one, it signifies that CBD is no longer a secret ingredient for beauty enthusiasts or health gurus. And two, it perhaps means that it’s so effective – and safe – that it’s being readily available to the masses.

The skeptic in me (and past fashion editor) equates this as if a streetwear brand like, say, Palace, was suddenly sold at Macy’s (no shade to Macy’s). In fashion street cred terms, this would mean the end to Palace completely as its soul would be completely crushed by such a mass retailer.

(Photo by David Yi/Very Good Light)

Of course, Sephora isn’t exactly Macy’s, even if it is mass. Sephora still has that sexy “cool” factor – and cache – in beauty and that added allure of exclusivity certainly doesn’t hurt. And so it’s an interesting choice for Lord Jones to partner with Sephora. The latest launch at all Sephora doors is Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Oil, which goes on sale at all doors, today. Like all things Lord Jones, the packaging is chic, timeless and cheeky. It comes in packaging that’s in a form of a beautiful brown box with its bold lettering in gold.

The brand’s body oil comes in a roller, which is super convenient and gliding over any pain points you may have wherever on your body. It can swipe on your forehead if you’re having a headache, or your shoulders from typing too much, or your elbow if you’ve been texting too hard on your iPhone. Its formula includes 100 mg of CBD oil mixed with organic jojoba, safflower and avocado oils and a hint of citrus notes (it’s super feint!).

The formula doesn’t go on greasy at all, which is basically witchcraft. It glides onto your skin but quickly absorbs into your pores, leaving nothing but soft, supple skin. You do have to rub it in with your fingers though, or it’ll sit on top of your skin in its thick, oily form.

I feel as if CBD works for some people and for others, it doesn’t. This formula is completely beautiful – but does it work like, say, a Tiger Balm for your sore muscles? No. What it does do, though, is provide your skin with a lot more nutrients and better ingredients than any icy hot cream would to.

I will say that though the CBD formula doesn’t work immediately, with continued use, I did feel my sore hot yoga-ed out muscles melt and my headaches from my caffeine addiction dissipate quickly. And for $75 it’s not for everyone – you do get 1 fl oz., which is pretty good.

Is it a panacea for all of your problem areas? Hm. Will it fix your migraines for good? Probably not. But what I will say is that it’s a superb glide-on oil that’s a true multi-tasker, moisturizing, providing you temporary relief as well as giving you all the beauty street cred you’d need. Lord Jones, after all, is still cool in beauty – for now.


These CBD products actually work for anxiety

The first time I tried a cannabis-enhanced product was while walking on 14th street in New York City.

It was with my friend, Georgie Greville, co-founder of Milk Makeup, one of my life mentors and overall badasses of the world. We were walking from brunch to Milk Makeup’s offices when I mentioned that I had been experiencing deep anxiety. It was March, a season of change, when the ice was melting into puddles around the city. Ironically, it was symbolic of how my brain’s condition was as well, thawing out from the doom and gloom of winter and latching onto hope and better days ahead.

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That’s when Georgie pulled out something from her bag.

Say no more, she gestured, taking out a chic, Hermes-orange box and revealing a gorgeous display of multi-colored gummies. She opened the lip and plopped a red jelly immediately into my hand. It was from the brand, Lord Jones, a CBD brand that has an array of products ranging from lotions to ingestibles. “This really helps me with centering myself – it’s really powerful stuff,” Georgie told me.

CBD? Isn’t that from…the cannabis plant? I asked myself, a total newb, trying to keep it cool. I’d read so much about CBD and its power, hell, we wrote about CBD for this site. But I never actually used the powerful cannabinoid before. Was it out of fear? Out of stigma? Both?

The powerful product, found in the hemp plant, has no THC – which is the ingredient that gets you high. Instead you will find mental clarity, helping with inflammation, calming the mind, as well as healing properties.

Being a CBD virgin, I decided to take the gummy while I was in the comfort of my home. Who knew how my body would react for the first time? After taking the fruit-flavored gummy, I imagined I’d feel super stoned a la James Franco in Pineapple Express. But it was quite the opposite: so powerful, it put me right to sleep. In the following 6 months, I started using CBD regularly, from balms, salves, tinctures, to ingestibles, to help clear my mind, calm my anxiety and put me to sleep. I felt as if in the past half year, my stress immediately melted away, my anxiety went quiet and I became a new person. Thanks, weed.

Below, are my findings for the best CBD products on the market and how using them for half a year changed my life.

For that immediate quiet: Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus.

Charlotte’s Web is possibly one of the best known brands of CBD oils. The brand, launched in Colorado, made its name after Dr. Sanja Gupta featured its owners, The Stanley Brothers, on CNN. It also just went IPO yesterday. The oil is said to have helped a girl named Charlotte Figi with epileptic seizures brought on by Dravet syndrome. She went from thousands of seizures to a couple a month. Since, the brand has launched its products nationwide, providing the same oil to the public. The drops instantly give you clarity and a few drops allow my body to instantly relax itself. The brand comes in two flavors: Chocolate Mint and Olive Oil, neither are the tastiest of flavors and takes getting used to. Continued use allowed my anxiety to dissipate and at the end of the day, I had better sleep and better clarity. The brand says to take a few drops in the morning and a few at night for the best results.

For a delicious bite: Lord Jones Gum Drops

Lord Jones is probably the chicest CBD brand of them all. As mentioned, the brand’s packaging is luxe, which any beauty lover can appreciate. The brand’s gumdrops are made by hand with CBD extract, sugar, gelatin, fruit flavors and citric acid. Immediately, I felt that eating one gumdrop stabilized my emotions and made me feel an immediate sense of calm. This is great for anyone who sits behind a desk and needs to concentrate.

For a drinkable option: Dirty Lemon’s Cannabis Blend

A fan of Dirty Lemon’s lemon water? Well, you’re in for a treat with the brand’s CBD blend. The entire 16 oz bottle of liquid is a blend of water, lemon and pineapple juice, L-theanine (a therapeutic ingredient found in tea), as well as CBD, ocean minerals and some pink Himalayan sea salt. The taste is SOUR AF – so if you’re looking for something more mild, this isn’t it. But after drink all 16 ounces, you’ll not only feel hydrated, but you’ll feel as if you’re floating in a pool, with your mind feeling as if you’re on a breezy vacation. Stress melts away after 30 minutes.

For a great balm: Charlotte’s Web Hemp-infused Balm

I’m telling you, this balm is POTENT. After I used it on my arms one night before watching a movie, I immediately passed out within SECONDS. It was magical. The balm’s fragrance reminds me of Tiger Balm and the texture is also similar. But this isn’t overly greasy and is amazing at melting into your skin. Created with apricot kernel oil, oleic and linoleic acids, it moisturizes while the CBD helps with inflammation. If you have any muscle ache, try this – it’ll calm the inflammation and make your body feeling lifted.

For a spray: CBD For Life Extra Pain Relief Spray

CBD For Life isn’t the chicest of brands on the market, nor does it have the best of names. But the product is no frills and works really well. My favorite from the entire line was the brand’s pain relief spray, a mixture of CBD oil, camphor and menthol. Wherever you’re having pain, simply spritz the spot without having to rub it on. Sit back, relax and the spray will do the healing for you.