You’ve heard the old proverb: Take a look around because you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Compelling? Of course. (But not as humbling as my favorite maxim: Behind every hot person is a pet that follows them to the bathroom.) Upon reflection, as someone wanting to maintain friendships during weird times and raise a kitty, both sayings have a smidge of truth. The people currently in my life are distinctly beautiful — my own little collection of shiny sea glass I’ve picked up while scrolling through life. If I look closely, what's mirrored are parts of me I like the best.

And yet, I rarely take a sec to say how grateful (!) I am for how they keep me inspired, smiling, and emotionally afloat by just being themselves. So I had an idea: Why not give flowers to those you interact with the most, IRL or on your digital stomping grounds? I’ll get us started :) I’m shouting out people I admire, and asking them to give flowers to those in their own life. Let’s see what they had to say.

@chrissstttiiine: Ceramicist and your YouTuber’s favorite YouTuber

Giving flowers to @lynnseevg, founder of Anese

On Lynnsee’s beauty:
I had a girl crush on her when we met 15 years ago; she was just the coolest outwardly and inwardly. What makes her beautiful in my eyes is her clear mind and determination. When she has a goal in sight, she doesn't deviate from that path. She's only a day older than I am but is already the matriarch of her family of two babies, a husband, and a large dog. She makes everyone feel seen, and can do it all while exuding grace.”

A beauty tip you’ve learned from her?
Take the time to do something for yourself everyday even when you have an incredible amount of pressure to take care of others. When we spoke last about this, she spent extra time on doing her skincare with intention that day.

@savannahfalzarano: PR princess (nay, duchhess) at @defjam

Giving flowers to @thee_ebonymarie, Director of Digital Marketing @300ent

Ebony’s a big deal because:
She's naturally herself, funny, smart and a music nerd. Once I met her, I was blown away by her self-assuredness. Ebony’s  always held a mentor role in my life and still does, especially since we’re both in the music industry.

Her beauty secret:
To be yourself no matter what and own the quirky parts of your personality. And to dress up for a confidence boost!

@tophcam: Human Beauty Encyclopedia and beauty creator

Giving flowers to @delisamarie, @rollingstone news producer and red carpet correspondent

What makes Delisa stand out to you? For as long as I’ve known her, she’s been genuinely kind to everyone—I remember we really bonded over Nicki Minaj’s Barbie World mixtape when we first met in high school. Delisa has the type of "star quality" that you can’t help but feel inspired by.

She’s gorgeous because:
She has a smile that makes you want to smile. And her skin is quite literally radiant.

Delisa inspires me to embrace my inner confidence, and to show up for the people I love. She’s helped me through some difficult times, and I owe her so much!

@telshaanderson: Shopkeeper extraordinaire at t.a.

Giving flowers to (her sister <3) @teyramichayla, Creative Producer, @netflix

Something that makes Teyra beautiful in your eyes: Teyra is unapologetic when it comes to her faith, personal ambitions, and how she carries herself.

Teyra’s beauty superpower: Teyra has two incomparable accessories: Her megawatt smile and what she can do with a makeup brush! She watches a million beauty YouTubers, just for fun, and picks up on a new look as easily as I’d check out a customer in my store.

@luluyaogioiello: Creative director and brainchild of @far__near

Giving flowers to: @blakeabbie, Actor and editor of @amagazinecuratedby

Something that makes them beautiful in your eyes?
There’s a magnetic quality about Blake, his energy puts you at ease. We met on an ad agency couch six years ago. He gave me advice and helped me feel less nervous before I went in for an interview! And I love his look—it’s a mix between high fashion and outdoorsy.

A piece of advice you’ve picked up from Blake:
Allow yourself to be multifaceted. You don't have to go all-in on a point of view or even having a career in a single industry. Also it's ok to step away, and take a break.

I personally adore his beauty routine: simple products, spending time in nature when possible, and a good sunscreen!

@samtaylor24: Associate Producer at @vice by day, DJ by night

Giving flowers to Halima Akinlade, Musician, @halimabot

A beauty look of Halima’s that inspires you?
When we met, she’d wear her hair in a glorious afro or box braids. But recently, Halima loc-ed her hair, and I've watched her entire journey. Seeing her maintain her locs is a truly spiritual journey.

What you’ve learned from her:
Halima is extremely organized and focused—and to me, that is the first step in self care! Getting your sh*t together!

So, who would you send yours to?

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