Chances are by now you’ve heard of K-pop.

It’s the worldwide phenomenon stemming from Seoul that’s an addictive blend of hip hop, R&B, pop, electronic and other sounds. While the musical genre produces endless bops, it’s the fashions and beauty that makes K-pop so over-the-top. We caught up with TWICE, South Korea’s biggest Kpop girl group to get their thoughts and tips on inner and outer beauty.

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The group—made up of nine-members with women from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan—is the highest-selling group in not only Korea but all of Asia. The band’s biggest hits, ranging from “TT,” “Cheer Up,” to “Fancy You,” allowed them to win over 90 awards. Since their debut in 2015, they’ve sold out stadiums from Japan to the U.S. Below, the girls talk to us about anxiety, beauty from the inside, and tips they’ve learned along the way.

How do you keep your complexions so flawless?

Momo: I try to be very cautious when washing my face. Washing your face for too long is not good for your skin, so I always keep a small timer next to me to tell me how many seconds I have to wash each part of my face. I also love face masks!

Tzuyu: My skin is quite dry, so I always make sure my skincare products are very moisturizing.

What’s been your favorite look throughout the years from a specific song or music video?

Nayeon: I really loved the look from “Dance The Night Away.” Usually, summer colors and vibes go well with TWICE, I think, because we’re bright and fresh. Also, I liked the purple color concept of “Feel Special,” but that’s just because my favorite color is purple!

Sana: My favorite look has to be from “Feel Special.” In the video, I had the wet, pink hair which looked like I was out in the rain! I also tried more tone-downed makeup, which was quite different from what I usually get. It was definitely new for me, but I liked experimenting with my look. Also, in the scene where I’m wearing a blue dress, I really liked the hair and makeup there.

So as K-pop stars, what do you do in pimple sprouting emergencies?

Jeongyeon: I just leave it until it disappears. I find that I usually get breakouts when I’m tired, so I make sure to get plenty of rest and it gradually disappears.

Dahyun: First, I thoroughly clean my face with a foaming cleanser. Like Jeongyeon said, resting and getting a good amount of sleep is very important. I know everyone says it, but drinking plenty of water really does help!

What’s the tea on your favorite products that get your glowing complexions?

Jihyo: My favorite product is lip balm. My lips get very dry easily, so I’m always applying lip balm. Sometimes when I needed it most, I could never find a tube, so now I make sure I have different kinds of lip balms here and there so it’s ready for me whenever I need it!

Mina: My favorite and absolute must-have product is cleansing oil. Because we are on stage so often, we are always wearing heavy makeup. It’s so important for us to take all the makeup off when we’re done with our shows, so we can’t live without the cleansing oil. Taking your makeup off is just as important as putting it on, I believe.

Chaeyoung: I don’t have a favorite makeup product, but I am always thinking of how I can enhance my beauty from the inside. What you put inside your body is very important and helpful too. For example, I try to eat a lot of vegetables to get glowing skin.

How did you come to terms with your own makeup? Where did you learn and what’s one thing you MUST do before leaving your household?

Nayeon: I am pretty bad at doing my makeup myself, so these days, I am learning from a makeup artist. I treat my face as a sketchbook and am gradually trying things that I learned from the artist.

Jeongyeon: I also learned from makeup artists, as Nayeon said. Whenever we had free time from our busy schedules, I would be practicing in the dressing rooms. When I’m going about my daily life and not performing, I don’t wear makeup so that I can let my skin rest.

Sana: I try and follow what our makeup artists show us, but it never works as well as when they do it! I guess there’s a reason they are the experts in their field!

Tell me about beauty and how it makes you feel perhaps, empowered, or more alive – an escape.

Momo: I think many people might feel a similar way. Makeup has the power to make you more confident, but it’s the confidence that makes you beautiful, not the make-up products. You are already beautiful; beauty is all about empowerment.

Jeongyeon: I agree with Momo. When we perform in front of fans or when we have a show, we wear makeup to look a little fancier. When you wear makeup, you know you look good, so you feel more confident too!

Tell me about a time when you were perhaps stressed or feeling down and how beauty allowed you to find joy?

Nayeon: As you know, we are very busy and always performing for our fans. We still get so nervous! However, when we finish preparing for the show, and we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we see our beautiful costumes, and our makeup is done, the nerves go away! This confidence spreads to confidence in our performance.

Jihyo: Same with Nayeon. Not only in performances, but also when shooting fashion photoshoots, I think makeup and fashion help us to feel more confident and passionate. One of my favorite parts about performing is getting to dress up!

Fashion and beauty for many, are tools that allow someone to become powerful from the inside and out. What are your thoughts on this and have any anecdotes you could share?

Mina: Preparing for our stage performances would be a good example. We get to wear amazing outfits and have really pretty makeup. It’s so much fun to dress up. We always want to put on a good show, so we have to memorize all the choreography, and make sure we’re keeping high energy levels throughout the show. The costumes and makeup are like our armor; we become more confident and powerful in them on stage. We feel like we can face anything!

Sana: I agree! Of course, everyone’s goal is to be just as confident without fashion and beauty, but of course, those things do help with that. For instance, I love to try different lip colors, and with every different color of lipstick, I feel my whole energy and vibe change. Beauty and fashion are so powerful!

Finally, tell me about beauty products that have made you feel as if you could face another day? What was it about that look, that product, or feeling that made you feel powerful?

Chaeyoung: As I mentioned previously, I am more focused on inner beauty, so I don’t have a particular beauty product that comes to mind. Instead, I feel more confident in clothes. Wearing my customized clothes or vintage-style clothes makes me feel powerful. I know I picked the clothes out so I feel the most like myself.

Dahyun: I also don’t have a particular product, but I love playing with my eye makeup. Because I don’t have double-eye lids, I love to use eyeliner and eyelashes to enhance my look. Many fans tell me that I don’t look that different in makeup than with no makeup, which makes me feel better.

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