PSA: everyone has a skincare routine.

Whether you opt for a 10-step regimen or a 10-in-1 bar of soap *shudders,* skincare is a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle, regardless of gender. And black men across the Twitter-sphere are reminding us of exactly that.

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Last Thursday, stylist and content creator Emeka “Soouizz” Okeke had an idea that honestly should’ve existed years ago: a thread dedicated to men celebrating their skincare routines. “Let’s start a thread of black men doing skincare here pls,” he tweeted, along with a glorious picture of himself basking in a sheet mask.

One simple tweet resulted in a viral frenzy of mn sharing their glorious skincare regimens and routines. From serums to sheet masks, facial sprays to glitter, black men across the universe flocked to the Twitter thread to share their skincare hacks and secrets — and boy, did we take some notes. Take a look at our favorites from the thread, below (and make sure to write them down for your own routine!):

black man wearing glitter face mask skincare
Photo Courtesy: Twitter @slimsumthin1
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