Supergoop, how I love thee.

I used to hate sunscreen. Despise lotion. Dreaded putting anything on my face. But you, Supergoop, the elixir of the gods, made me go SPF-yes!

It all started a few summers ago when I was paying particular interest to my head. I noticed that I was getting burned – nay, scorched – by the sun. I have fair skin knowing I’m susceptible to skin cancer was worrisome. But I’d been unsuccessful at keeping up with sunscreen, as summer heat usually made me sweat it off, feeling as if it melted off of my face into a sticky, salty puddle of white goo.

I’d been desperate for something that I could use, one that could protect me, shield me from the world, but still comfort me in the process. I found nothing. Could there be a perfect formula that could be everything I was looking for – and more?

I decided I’d finally reached my breaking point and pinged Instagram star and former beauty director, Eva Chen. She was the editor-in-chief at Lucky (RIP) at the time and she gave me a couple recommendations of brands to look into. One would change my life. It was an SPF called Supergoop.

The brand was still fairly new then, and I spent an entire afternoon Googling everything about it. After much research, I finally ordered City Sunscreen Serum and the Unseen Sunscreen. They couldn’t have come any sooner. When I finally slathered City Sunscreen Serum on my skin it was a spiritual experience. It was so light and disappeared almost instantly into my pores. In fact, so invisible, it was as if I hadn’t put anything on. I immediately squirted some more product on my face just to be sure. Nope, my face stayed virtually greaseless and didn’t overheat my skin. In that moment, I remember feeling so grateful to find a product that I actually liked and liked me back. Was this love at first swipe?

Turns out, it was and together – Supergoop and I – would conquer the world, one, er, goop of product a time. Slathering the substance on my face allowed me to feel confident and confront the sun without fearing sunburn or anything more nefarious. No longer would I be petrified of SPF melting off of my face into an embarrassing puddle of sweaty shame. Supergoop, you changed that for me.

Today, I must admit my skincare routine is far from perfect. But what I never go without is City Sunscreen Serum. I finally found a product that makes me comfortable, confident and courageous with putting sunscreen on my face. Supergoop’s since made me a better man, one who’s developed good habits with a healthy routine. And I’m happy to report I’m not only still in love, but my relationship with Supergoop is better than ever!

BUY Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen here, $32

BUY Supergoop’s City Sunscreen Serum here, $42

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