Happy Post-T-day, to you and your skin.

If you’re like millions of Americans who overstuffed their bellies with gravy, fried foods, cheese everything, and more this week, it’s likely that you woke up with more than glistening skin. We’re talking an extra layer of oily film that glazes over you like you’re Christmas ham.

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With cystic acne the number one culprit of such an inflammatory diet, perhaps it’s time to find professional help. We’re talking a facial. But if you’ve never found yourself under the mercy of an aesthetician, things can be really scary, especially for those with sensitive skin. But going to an experience aesthetician for a much needed facial isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s also about resetting your skin as well as professional advice on where to go next.

We spoke to Eugene Kagansky, the founder of NYC’s BodyFactory Skin Care, a clinic with multiple locations. He gave us the real scope on everything facials and what you need to know before you get treated by an aesthetician.

Talk it out first.

First-time jitters? It’s normal! Facials can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. To wash away fears, Eugene says to get a consultation first and foremost. This, especially if you have sensitive skin. “Let them do a thorough skin analysis to see what type of skin you have,” he says. “You should also let the skin therapist know what your main concerns are: allergies, medications and your current skin regimen,” the latter to examine what may making your skin irritated.

After, ask for a recommendation

No, you won’t seem uninformed if you don’t go into an aesthetician’s office not knowing exactly you want. In fact, requesting they make a recommendation is probably the smartest choice you can make. For the most part, for your first facial, it’s probably all about using gentle products, moisturizing your face or possibly getting a few extractions. If the latter is what you’ve been recommended, read on.

Extraction, you say?

For those who’ve never had an extraction prepare for a little…pain. With your skin clogged, it’s pretty normal for an aesthetician to want to get you exfoliated and allow your skin to heal. Remember that anything that needs extraction has pus, a blackhead or whitehead. Cysts, unfortunately, are deep in the skin and cannot be extracted (sorry!) and picking at them will only lead to 1) a bloody mess and/or 2) scarring. Your aesthetician will either use a humidified to loosen your pores or will add a hot towel on your face. This allows for easier extractions with either a tool or by hand. WARNING: It will be a little painful (especially around the jawline and nose!), but trust, your skin needs this to unclog and reset your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, let your aesthetician know.

The worst thing you can do is remain silent during your treatment. If you skin turns red, gets inflamed, or angry after acids, for instance, let your aesthetician know. Allowing them to assess and get information about your skin is paramount (aka ESSENTIAL) to getting a successful first facial.

Your face will be exfoliated – but this part shouldn’t hurt.

Not all acids are the same. And for the most part, extracting mixed with exfoliations are going to get you that gleaming, glowing complexion. At BodyFactory, for instance, using AHAs allow your dead skin cells to be removed so new ones can come in. “Lactic, salicylic acids are on the gentler side and not too aggressive on the skin,” says Eugene.

When in doubt, just ask for a gentle cleanse and extra hydration.

If you’re not ready for extractions (it’s cool, don’t worry!), go for something extremely gentle: cleanse and hydration. Your aesthetician will provide masks, sheet masks, hyaluronic acids, and more to drench your pores with goodness. “The winter tends to suck out all the moisture and wind can put your face through the ringer,” Eugene says. A little tender love and care goes a long way.

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