Whether you’re living on the edge in that SPF 0 life, or you’re that vampire binch who visors up every time you go outside, we’re here to let you know that there’s a happy medium that can keep you non-oily, properly protected, and looking 4 when you’re actually 24.

Sunblock doesn’t have to feel sticky, smell like sunblock, or worse: cast a weird white cast over your skin (unless you’re into that). It also doesn’t have to be tinted! If you’re like me and change shades every four hours – I got a clear, silky, barely-there sunscreen with your name on it. Actually, three.

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And to the vampire binches: on the days when you don’t feel like rocking the funeral veil and the driving gloves, a good sunblock will have your back. And it can do so much more than just protect you from UV rays if you let it. What else can a sunblock offer, you ask? Step into our office. Below, we’ve got you covered with upgrades from level 1-3. Whether you’re a sunscreen newb, looking for something new, or a pro, here’s some sunscreens you should try, now.

Level One: Glossier. Daily Sunscreen +: Invisible Shield

If you’re an SPF 0 type of person, take this. Glossier is a great place to start because it’s so straightforward and easy to use, it’s basically Skincare for Dummies. The Daily Sunscreen +: Invisible Shield is a clear watergel formula that absorbs into the skin via hydrating microcapsules. Not only is it actively blocking the sun’s rays, but it’s simultaneously blocking those super damaging skin pollutants and neutralizing harmful free radicals. It’s truly “the sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen” — I’m looking at you, SPF 0. Within seconds of application, Invisible Shield feels truly undetectable. The flip side of such a light and airy formula is that it’s not water or heavy sweat-resistant, so you need to reapply. Glossier says it’s a once-a-day use, but you should quickly pat it onto your face and neck at least two to three times a day for extended protection.

The Invisible Shield is also SPF 35 and Broad Spectrum, which you should always seek out a in a sunscreen. Broad Spectrum sunscreens protect you from both types of damaging radiation, so don’t even bother with a product that only lists the SPF. SPF tells you the level of protection the product offers from UVB rays, but not from UVA rays. While UVB causes physical sunburns, UVA penetrates the skin deeper, causing aging and putting you at risk for cancer. The single + on Glossier’s sunscreen indicates that this is the most basic level of UVA protection out there. The takeaway? This is the baseline for skin protection, the bare minimum you should be doing to shield yourself from developing sunburns, skin cancer, and wrinkles.

BUY HERE glossier.com – $25.

Level Two: SuperGoop! Everyday Sunscreen

SuperGoop! Everyday Sunscreen brings us up to level two. She’s a little stronger than the Invisible Shield, coming in at Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (another plus! there’s enough product in one bottle to regularly use on your face and body). Think about sunscreen this way: SPF 35 will protect you from sunburns 35x longer than bare skin, and SPF 50 will protect you from sunburns 50x longer than bare skin. It may not sound like that much of an improvement given that sunscreen across the board lasts around two hours at max strength, but if your skin is sensitive, this is a world of difference.

While the Everyday Sunscreen smells only a tiny bit sunblock-y and sits a bit more like a light cream than a gel on your face, trust that it’s the lightest of the SuperGoop! Sunscreen products — their Unseen Sunscreen and Glow Stick, for examples, run oilier. IMHO, slightly heavier weight for stronger protection is a fair trade! For big sweaters and athletes, the real sell is that the Everyday Sunscreen is water and sweat-resistant and lasts at maximum protection for 80 minutes at a time. But just because it won’t slide off with sweat doesn’t mean it’s trapping oil and clogging your pores. Because this product is super moisturizing, you’re going to be producing less natural oils while you’re wearing it. So if you’re going to be outside for longer periods and you’re going to be sweating this summer, she’s your girl.

BUY HERE supergoop.com – $10

Level Three: Dr. Oracle A-Thera Sunblock

Vamp binches, we see you. The A-Thera Sun Block from Dr. Oracle is the best of both worlds. Offering SPF 50+ PA+++ (which we’ll get into in a minute), this product is just as light and airy-feeling and has the most extensive protection. Labelled “Sensitive” (Dr. Oracle offers a Hydrating version as well), the A-Thera Sun Block is designed specifically for oily skin. And this is what makes it so amazing: most people’s biggest fear with daily sunscreen is that it will clog their pores and trap sweat, causing crazy breakouts, right? This sunscreen is infused with centella asiatica extract and bamboo water, so it calms inflammation and hydrates without interfering with your skin’s natural oil production. Not only does it relieve me (a person with naturally oily skin) from stress over the idea of giving myself acne with my sunblock, but it actually fights acne while I’m wearing it.

If you’re still not sold, here’s the lowdown on that PA+++ figure. The PA grading system is a Japanese metric for UVA damage, and PA+++ is the highest grade of UVA protection currently available. This level of Protection Grade no doubt beats the somewhat vague “Broad Spectrum” label (sigh, Asia is literally always on the next level). After all, if you’re like me and rarely sunburn, what you’re really looking for is the anti-aging component of UV protection. As with all sunscreens, you still need to reapply every few hours that you’re spending in the sun, and the A-Thera Sun Block is not water and sweat resistant so this is much more of a daily-use situation. Luckily, this one doesn’t smell or feel like a sunblock at all, and it leaves a moisturizing silky finish. After all, sunblock — like your other skin care products — should feel like a simple luxury, not a chore!

BUY HERE sokoglam.com – $30.

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