A professional stage dancer faces many skincare problems that most normals don’t.

There’s the intense, thick and oily stage makeup (which, apparently is sometimes toxic), the harsh skincare ingredients to get rid of the sludge afterwards, as well as the upkeep of your face in general to look its best. It’s no wonder then, that most stage actors or performers have the most practical skincare hacks.

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It’s this reason that Jordan Samuel Pacitti, a former professional ballet dancer himself, launched his own eponymous skincare brand. The line of serums, cleansers, moisturizers and more, are now a staple for professional dancers to athletes like Adam Rippon. It’s also probably the one skincare brand that caters to the needs of dancers – strong enough for the stage and effective off.

“I was developing products that were inspired by all the tips and tricks I learned from ballerinas,” says Jordan to Very Good Light. “This is a true passion project. The names. The inspiration. It’s all from my life as a dancer.” This comes in the form of his cleanser, called The After Show, $20, that’s a gel-to-oil formula with olive, jojoba and grape seed oils, The Matinee Gel Cleanser, $28, made of chamomile and cucumber, Performance Cream, $38, among others.

Each of the products are inspired by Jordan’s years of professional ballet experience. The founder has been dancing since he was 8-years old and eventually took up ballet by 11. At the ripe age of 15, he moved to train at the School of American Ballet in NYC, the country’s most prestigious school. He’d graduate and go onto perform at Pacific Northwest Ballet for 11-years.

It was during his performing experience where he realized the astronomical prices of skincare products. “The buy-ins for most skincare lines to use in facials are astronomical,” he says. “I figured if I’m going to invest that much I might as well invest in myself and my own brand.”

He eventually launched his brand with the mantra that it was supposed to calm and soothe skin and to be used as everyday treatments. It was also supposed to be very affordable. “It’s doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive,” he says. “Self-care is not about gender. Men are coming around to the idea.”

Ultimately, he says that his brand is all about being inclusive of everyone. It’s no frills, no fuss and straightforward, he says. “This is for someone who is looking for a great routine but has fallen for too many gimmicks. We want to treat skin. Everyone deserves to have the healthiest skin.”

For more Jordan Samuel, check out jordansamuelskin.com

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