Every season has its merits. Summer has all that sunshine going for it. Winter is a time for joyous holidays and arguably some of the year's best music. Spring makes people so giddy it even has a fever named after it. But the other transitional season, fall, has arguably the best smells — warm, high-comfort scents designed to facilitate bundling up and an overall feeling of contentment.

In eager anticipation of autumn’s debut tomorrow, I have already begun shopping for this season’s candles! While I usually rely on Marshall’s (which always makes me feel hypoglycemic) and/or Bath and Body Works (where I think all the sales associates are sleeping together), I’m glad to have found an alternative: Albisa. This company was founded by Albert Rubalcaba and Isabel Alvarez — two Cuban Americans committed to celebrating the olfactory aspects of their rich, delicious cultures. Here are six of their scents that I can easily recommend to anyone who is looking to bring that crispy fall feeling indoors.


Smells like: A sparkling, clean home

Many immigrant households grew up with the scent of Fabuloso — the lavender and citrus-scented cleaner that came in the most vibrant grape Jolly Rancher color. Those of us who did now have the unsnippable tether that just makes your house feel clean. However, those of you who didn’t can just enjoy the bracing open-window feel of Maravilloso’s bright lavender.

Burn it when: you miss home

Café con Leche

Smells like: coffee grounds, a soft, barely-there splash of condensed milk for good measure

I get the textural grit of ground coffee in this scent, rather than just the straight-up brewed stuff, in the same way that espresso captures the natural oils of coffee beans. If you’re the kind of person who fancies themselves an evening decaf drinker — but is too scared to actually test drive a coffee past 4 p.m. for fear of never falling asleep, you’ll enjoy this candle's benevolent embrace.

Burn it when: you want to make a space feel like home

Cuban Bread

Smells like: a warm crusty loaf of white bread

This one is hands down my favorite from Albisa’s collection. I happen to enjoy the sweet, baked confection segment of fall’s candle offerings, even though I know it’s not everyone’s preference. This candle has the comforting atmosphere of a bakery while never stepping foot into frosted buttercream territory. Just soft, pillowy whiffs of freshly baked bread.

Burn it when: the temperature dips below 70°


Smells like: a mulled beverage in a warm coconut bath

Of all the seasons, I think fall is the creamiest. The frothy lattes. Your rich evening skincare routine. Oat milk manicures. Draw the bath, turn on this song, and think warm, cloudy thoughts. You won’t have to try hard. They’re bound to just come to you.

Burn it when: you have the night to yourself

Havana Nights

Smells like: The spiced collar of a suitor, cologne, tobacco, leather, and cedar

For those who think that fall should be sexy: maybe you’re right. Maybe under all those layers is something supple and pleading to gyrate. Who knows. Maybe all this cooler weather makes you wish you had someone to conserve body heat with. If that sounds like you, you’ll like the edge that this candle has. Tough but smooth. Firm but gentle. Like all lovers should be.

Burn it when: you expect company


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