Upper back tattoos are lowkey, stylish, and super trendy.

You can make a huge statement with an upper back tattoo, or you can easily cover it up. Your back is great because you have so much space to work with you and can keep adding on to your tattoo as time goes on. Imagine the confidence you will gain when you wear an open-back shirt with your new ink.

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How painful are upper back tattoos?

Upper back tattoos can vary in terms of pain depending on the location of the tattoo. Over the fatty tissue and muscular parts of the back, a tattoo should be generally unpainful. However, if the tattoo moves more towards the edge of the shoulder blades, it will hurt more as the needle is closer to the bone. Directly on the spine also tends to be more painful, as there is very little soft tissue covering that area of the back.

What does an upper back tattoo represent?

The meaning of a tattoo ultimately depends on the person who wears it and the tattoo design. However, the location of a tattoo can play a large role in what it represents. For many, a back tattoo can represent something from the past or an event that the individual is moving forward from. The tattoo is literally behind you.

Many also choose upper back tattoos because it is a great place to get a large piece, like a banner or a portrait. Someone may also choose an upper back tattoo because it is easily concealed with any regular t-shirt.

Are upper back tattoos worth it?

There are a few important things to think about before you commit to a back piece. If you like watching yourself get tattooed, a back tattoo might be stressful for you, as you will not be able to see it until the end. In this case, definitely make sure you trust your artist and have been clear about what you want your design to look like.

If you have any back issues that may require surgery down the road, this is also important to consider, as this would definitely affect the design of the tattoos. Back tattoos should also not be done near a pregnancy, as childbirth sometimes requires incisions in your back area. During the healing process, you will likely have to sleep on your stomach for a day or two, as the area will be tender and sore.

All of these caveats aside, getting a back tattoo will definitely be worth it. Upper back tattoos are beautiful and bold. They say a statement from behind that you will love to see when looking in the mirror. Having a piece of tattooed art just peeking out of the top of your shirt makes people wonder what you are hiding.


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