Walking through the sexual health aisle in any drugstore feels eerily clinical.

Pregnancy tests, condoms, and lube makeup up the majority of these aisles, and the marketing leaves something to be desired. Condom boxes marked “for her” are decked in bright pink and purple writing alongside the “for men” condoms decked in tiger print, black and gold (to seem tough?). Ugh.

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Despite the sad shelves, legacy intimate brands like Trojan still dominate shelves in-stores. However, the conversation surrounding sex and intimacy is thriving primarily online and throughout social platforms led by smaller, indie sexual wellness brands like Bloomi, Dame, and Cake. These brands feature fun colors, eye-catching packaging, and cheeky messaging, thereby saving us from tiger printed boxes of condoms practically screaming “EXTRA LARGE” and “SERIOUSLY RIBBED.”

2020 was a year for us all to slow down and focus more on ourselves. As the lines between beauty and wellness continue to intersect, this means sexual wellness is the up-and-coming category begging to be considered when we think of our self-care routines.

To help celebrate the continued conversations surrounding sex positivity and intimacy, consider checking out these eight brands. All aim to bring a radical shift to sexual wellness with inclusive messaging and dedication to quality, safe, and clean products.


Founded by sexologist Rebecca Alvarez, Bloomi is striving for better sexual wellness for ALL. It’s a marketplace for intimacy and wellness products, and similar to the Credo Clean Standard, all products pass a Bloomi Standard. They have a long list of banned toxic ingredients and their experts screen thousands of products, less than 2% of which are approved. Of course, Bloomi has its own line too, including an Arousal Oil and a Massage Oil.


Dame Products is bringing innovation when it comes to the design and technology of sex toys. Their mission is to “close the pleasure gap,” so they look to represent all genders and their respective sexual wellness journeys by bringing education to the bedroom. You can take the “Find Your Vibe” quiz to figure out what products would be suit you and your needs. Plus, they have a really cool Instagram, constantly being filled with interactive content.

Awkward Essentials

Previously named “Come & Gone,” Awkward Essentials knows cleaning up after sex is a real bummer. With “Drip Stick“, their breakout product, they wanted to make cleaning up after sex awkward. You can score some cute robes with iconic peach and eggplant emojis on their website, too.


Y-Spot wants to put a stop to the “lurid colors and pornographic undertones” commonly seen in sex toy marketing. They want to be a place that places aesthetic importance on sex toys while offering no-brainer education for any who comes to their site. So if you’re shopping for yourself or your partner, Y-Spot makes it easy to pick out the right thing. Their blog, Good Vibrations, (see what they did there?) includes personal essays, advice from experts, and debunked sex toy myths.


Cake makes lubes specially designed for different types of play, inspired by real couples. Aiming to make everyone feel good, connect with their partners, and of course; have fun. Cake has something for everyone including products like Tush Cush, Backside Slide, So-low Lotion. Don’t know where to start? Take their lube quiz and find out what’s right.

Woo More Play

Woo More Play is here to help everyone experience great sex with the help of products and tools, resources, and support. Woo More Play has fun things like massage candles, after sex wipes, and oils. The brand’s transparency with ingredient lists and how to use their products best are built out on their website under their FAQs. You can learn why they’ve chosen specific ingredients and why they work well in intimate settings.


Nobody likes buying condoms. Champ knows the condom aisle can get a little weird full of obscure marketing terms. Selling a variety of condoms and lubes, Champ wants you to know you don’t have to worry about where your condoms came from – and as a bonus, you can spare yourself from the weird judgment a cashier may pass your way.

Foria Wellness

This brand hopes to integrate CBD into your sex life. Foria offers CBD arousal oils, bath salts, and lubes to bring ultimate relaxation benefits. Committed to plant-powered wellness, sustainability, and clean ingredients, Foria is all about maintaining the best standards for the health of others and the planet. They agree that sex and wellness go hand in hand and aim to make CBD in the bedroom mainstream.


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