I once RAN to Lush to scoop up a shampoo bar and a little metal tin.

Beauty bars used to be so much fun, but bar shampoo and conditioner soon became impractical for my lifestyle. I was using them during the summer when there was plenty of sunshine to help dry the bars out on the porch before putting them back in the tin.  My hair also didn’t need as much love since it wasn’t cold out. As my hair needs changed, the Lush bars were just not for me.

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This was two years ago. And even then, I think I was late to the bar trend. Other than that, the only other beauty bar I used was the Neutrogena face bar, which is what I washed my face with when I was 13-years-old. Such a throwback.

Despite this, I really thought skincare and haircare bars went DEAD. However, a report by Spate Trends says bar soap is definitely trending, with a 21.6% year-over-year growth as of late. Whether it’s body bars, bar soap for soap brows, or facial bars… they’re coming back, y’all.

We’re already starting to see new launches in the beauty bar realm. Glossier just launched a body bar, the world is obsessed with the Carbon Theory face bar, and now, Grove Collaborative has launched an entire line of bars under the brand Peach.

If you don’t know about Roven Beauty, it’s the sister brand to Grove Collaborative, which is a site filled with all of your favorite sustainable brands in one place. Roven is the beauty portion of the company, offering clean and good-for-the-planet brands like Indie Lee, Osea, and Pai.

Peach is their newest brand hoping to bring more fun into beauty sustainability. And at first glance, they definitely nailed the fun part. The bright colors of their packaging are cute AF. I tried four different bars from Peach: Deep Cleansing Hair & Body Bar, Balancing Facial Bar, Volumizing Shampoo Bar, and Volumizing Conditioner Bar. Read on to hear about this new sustainable brand and if it really works.

My hair type

My hair is super fine. I have to wash it every night otherwise it gets really greasy, but my hair is also a shapeshifter. One day it can be crazy full of volume (it’s naturally wavy), but another it can be limp and lifeless and have almost no wave at all. Sometimes it can feel super moisturized while looking so dry and dull. I need a hair product that can fulfill my hair’s multiple needs all at once.


Volumizing Shampoo Bar contains hibiscus oil. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s also an essential ingredient for clarifying your scalp and boosting volume. It promotes keratin production to give your hair some life and bounce without being too heavy.

Volumizing Conditioner Bar is rich in coconut and sunflower oils, accompanied by shea butter. But if there is anything I’ve learned about my fine hair is that it needs to be moisturized. Otherwise, I can kiss my dreams of volume goodbye.

Deep Cleansing Hand & Body Exfoliating Soap Bar is made with a base of coconut oil and shea butter for amazing moisture and softness. The two ingredients together are able to lock in moisture for your skin really well. For exfoliation, it has pink Himalayan sea salt to slough off all of our dead skin grossness.

Balancing Facial Bar contains blue tansy oil, one of my favorite ingredients for balancing combination or oily skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Great for calming down redness and clearing up the root causes of acne, bacteria, and inflammation. It also has willow bark extract, which acts as a natural form of salicylic acid.

All of the Peach bars are cruelty-free and made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and silicones. Each bar comes in 100% recycled FSC-certified paper packaging. They use 100% natural fragrance, so be aware if you know you’re sensitive to essential oils or fragrance in general in body, hair, and skincare.

The review

If you’re going to invest in beauty bars, you MUST get proper soap dishes for them. They need to be able to dry out after each use. Otherwise, you’re just wasting product.

All of the Peach bars I tried smell like tropical Mento flavors. I would prefer some more warm scents in the future, especially for the body bar. But I truly think Peach is here to redefine how we look at beauty bars. They’re not just great picks for sustainability – they can become your favorite face wash or shampoo.

I REALLY loved the shampoo and conditioner. They brought a lot of volume to my hair and I feel even clarified some buildup I had weighing my hair down. My hair looks incredibly full after using these, something that’s hard to achieve when you have fine hair. Plus, the conditioner wasn’t drying – something that is always a concern when it’s a bar. The oils need to melt the right way and work with your hair, not against it.

For the Balancing Face Bar, I like to lather it in my hands and mix it with my Living Cleansing Balm from Then I Met You. It does gently remove makeup and it leaves your skin feeling very calm. I can see myself using it on its own during some of the warmer months, as I always like a light cleanser then.

There aren’t a ton of face bars on the market, and certainly not one with blue tansy. Any way you can work this ingredient into your routine is worth it. A straight blue tansy oil might be too much if you’re not ready for the oil slick, so try the Balancing Face Bar to ease yourself into the ingredient.

Heading into the cold parts of fall and eventually winter, I’m already hooked on the exfoliating body bar. It lathers up well and doesn’t leave a soapy film on your skin. It’s super hydrating and the pink Himalayan sea salt even energizes your skin, making it look really supple. I just wish it had a bit of a warmer scent to it.


– Grove Collaborative launched a new brand called Peach

Peach is redefining beauty bars with their facial, body, and hair bars

– All Peach products are cruelty-free and made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and silicones

– 100% recycled packaging

– Peach donates to 5 Gyres Institute, their non-profit partner dedicated to reducing plastic pollution


I think Peach is a brand to watch and prove that beauty bars can not only be fun but also WORK. I think they’re a total BUY. Definitely check out which hair, facial, and body bars are best for you.

Buy HERE on Roven Beauty.

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