In the land of hookup apps and millennial dating, February 14th could just as well be any other day.

Which gets pretty boring after swiping left so hard your index finger begins to callus. This, especially if you live in a small town and have already gone through the entire index of people … thrice.

Hookups are easy. But finding your more significant match – we’re talking beauty! – that’s a different story. While we wish we could be there to recommend products before every one of your special dates, that’s just not physically possible (yet!). Instead, what if there was a Tinder for beauty, one that finds perfect products for you? We reimagined swiping right to find that one perfect product for every one of your favorite facial traits.

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Whether it’s your beard, brows, or beauty complexion, we have you covered. Don’t fret it tonight when you’re going on a back to back dates tonight, out with your one and only boo, or going solo. With these items in your arsenal, who knows where your evening could lead? Leave the rest to our (beauty) Cupid, below and simply swipe right.

The Bushy Browed Boy

The Bearded Bro

The Facebeat Kween

The Skincare Savant

The Hair God

You woke up like this. Well, at least that’s the look you’re going for. Always on point, you know the secret to taming the beast. Your hair is a canvas, and you… are the artist. Invest in the proper materials with Hanz De Fuko’s Claymation Pomade. Perfect for crafting sophisticated or simple looks, your date will be sure to want to create a hold just as strong. P.S. – want the secret to Zayn’s perfectly tousled locks? Click here.


, $26.

The All Seeing Eyeliner

Never one afraid of coloring outside the lines, you’re a man who’s isn’t afraid of taking risks. A guy with a locked and lined gaze? We’re into it. Smudged or classic, smokey or simple, rocking eyeliner is sexy, just like Brooklyn Beckham. Serving confidence and punk realness, go big and go bold for Valentine’s. You can’t beat Sephora’s classic liner, for a look that will last as long as your night 😉 . BUY HERE

, $15

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