He's a winner!

Well, at least when it comes to Best Lips. We're talking about Golden Globe Awards 2024 nominee, Charles Melton, who joined forces with cult-favorite beauty brand good light cosmetics.

Charles Melton getting ready for the 2024 Golden Globe Awards (Photo by: @shotmymeltons)

Charles, who's had a whirlwind awards season, is one of the frontrunners for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. It's also the Riverdale alum's first-ever Golden Globe Awards nomination, which is an impressive feat. This, especially since he's up against heavyweights like Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling, Willem Dafoe.

But what's most impressive is he's not only the rookie in this category, the youngest actor, but the only person of color. The Korean American actor, who's mother is of Korean descent, has been vocal about his support for the AAPI community as well as how proud he is of his own cultural background.

The secret to hydrated plump lips is this upcoming lip product from good light cosmetics (Photo by: @shotmymeltons)

"I’m the son of an immigrant mother and military father who may have grown up afraid and bewildered by his identity," he said at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards. "But it’s through acting and this role that I was able to piece it together, and finally be seen."

The Korean American actor collaborated with the K-beauty brand took to Instagram to announce its yet-to-be launched latest product, the first in over a year. The brand captioned no other details than the name of the latest launch, and a few details.

For one, it's called Taste of Space Lip Milk, and two, it's "a dreamy, buildable, ultra-hydrating lip solution, inspired by the Milky Way."

Charles Melton with good light cosmetic's Taste of Space Lip Milk (Photo by: @shotmymeltons)
Charles Melton with good light cosmetic's Taste of Space Lip Milk

Is the new product a balm, a gloss, or perhaps a lip lotion? Does it perhaps have plumping mechanisms or is that Charles' own (blessed) genetics? Whatever the case, we can't wait to hear all the details when the lip milk launches on January 17.

Until then, we'll keep guessing...

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