dark circles

2 posts

Say goodbye to dark circles FAST

by David Yi in Face

https://giphy.com/gifs/hangover-hungover-bloodshot-xT77XZR8ZkwSnSQx8I The worst part of staying up all night binge watching Netflix isn’t that you’re late to school or work. It’s your dark circles. They’re purple, they look like really weird bruises and make you look like, well, death. Before you grab...

Is it finally time to start teabagging?

by David Yi in Face

It’s a question every guy thinks about at least once in his life: Teabagging. T-shirt by En Noir; Photo by Carolyne TestonIs it messy? Does it really feel good? What are the benefits of dipping in and out and in again? I think we’re on the same page...

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