Run – don’t walk – to your local Cult Beauty.

Well, figuratively since Cult Beauty is an online-only destination.

Along with your favorite brands from Tower28, Then I Met You, to Olaplex you can now buy good light in the UK and EU! That’s because starting today – yes, at this very moment! – good light and its award-winning milky toning lotion has officially landed across the pond. That means whether you’re in the UK or Ireland, or wherever in EU you’ll be able to purchase good light.

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WTF is Cult Beauty?

Prestige beauty retailer Cult Beauty is known among skincare and makeup lovers for stocking the industry’s best and often undiscovered brands.

The online shopping destination carries about 300 skincare, haircare, and cosmetics brands, including global beauty brands Charlotte Tilbury, Drunk Elephant, and Huda Beauty. The retailer was recently acquired by fast-growing e-commerce company the Hut Group in a £275m deal after soaring interest in online shopping during the pandemic.

Matthew Moulding, executive chairman and chief executive of the Hut Group (THG), said Cult Beauty was “frequently the partner of choice for emerging indie brands” because of its personalized, content-led approach. Being a part of the store’s offering is MAJ – like Spice Girls going back on tour MAJ.

A move towards gender-inclusivity

As the world expands its notion of gender-inclusivity, Cult Beauty is positioning itself as a retailer that cares. The good light brand, which is all about what David Yi says is “beauty beyond the binary” hopes to expand its mission from the U.S. to international shores.

“With gender identities becoming more expansive and more folx becoming aware of who they are, we created a brand that celebrates everyone and all identities,” says David. “We coined the term ‘gender-inclusive’ instead of the traditional ‘genderless’ because we believe the latter erases people and their long fought for identities. Gender-inclusion, then, is much more inclusive and empowering.”

The Gen Z skincare brand aims to celebrate real skin, inclusivity, diversity through vegan, non-toxic, efficacious ingredients that heals skin and promotes a more robust skin barrier function with continued use.

Founded by David and Michael Engert, good light helps to bridge the gap between beauty and its tradition of separating beauty by aisle. That is, hypermasculine grooming products on one side and hyperfeminine products on the other.

“Good light is a brand for the modern-day consumer who understands beauty has no gender identity and it’s democratized for all,” says David.

So what’s good light again?

The brand is in its infancy but already won three awards and has a cult-like following for its milky toning lotion. Yes, it’s really that good. What’s better is this: All of good light beauty’s offerings are formulated with vegan, efficacious, anti-inflammatory ingredients designed for all skin types and made in South Korea. It does not include any of the 1300 banned ingredients from the European Union. Each of the formulations enhances the skin barrier function and makes it more robust with every use and promotes hydration, healing, soothing, strengthening, is pH-balanced, and is anti-inflammatory for all skin types.

good light formulas are cruelty-free, with 100% sustainable packaging, which will make you feel better about waste. Each of the products were created with feedback from the Very Good Light community, the three products at launch were vigorously tested and formulated for the past two years. The three products work best together to enhance your skin barrier function and personally, I can attest to a major glow-up moment after I tried.

My British friends – and EU, too! – it is now time to shop good light because you deserve to shine! Shop good light’s products NOW:

Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser ($18), Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion ($22), and We Come In Peace Probiotics Serum ($24) at Cult Beauty today.

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