Throwing down my yoga mat in the middle of my bedroom has certainly been one of the new self-care practices I’ve adopted over the past year during the pandemic.

Practicing yoga and checking in with my body has been a very important ritual of mine for a long time, but especially over the past year. It’s quickly become essential to my mental health. Although I miss the in-person practices that I enjoyed pre-pandemic, continuing my practice at home has allowed me to tune out the noise of the world while creating an oasis in my bedroom.

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When it comes to practicing yoga from home, it is all about putting down the phone, stepping away from the computer, and allowing yourself to look inwards. (I know that is a lot easier said than done. )

Scent is an incredibly powerful tool that can really help transport you from your hectic life, even for just a few minutes. Boy Smells, the cult-favorite candle and fragrance brand, recently partnered up with Sky Ting to create a limited-edition scent to enjoy during your yoga and meditation practice. The limited-edition collaboration features the Smell Ting candle ($39) and the Smell Ting candle + long sleeve t-shirt bundle ($90).

If you’re unfamiliar with Sky Ting, it’s an online platform and community founded in 2015 by Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan. Sky Ting offers a subscription-based online yoga streaming service called Sky Ting TV with classes ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, and others.

“Our mission is to make well-being practices more inclusive, fun, and accessible,” says Sky Ting founders Krissy and Chloe. And when it comes to scent and yoga, the Sky Ting founders believe that aromatherapy is a way to enhance any sort of well-being practice.

Well-being is at the core of the Smell Ting candle collab from Boy Smells and Sky Ting. In this scent, you can clearly pick up on both aesthetics of each brand. It smells sexy, mysterious, grounding, and natural. The candle comes in the iconic Boy Smells packaging, adorned with the classic Sky Ting blue color and logo. The candle features notes of Sichuan pepper, anjelica seed, jasmine, green galbanum, fig, and crisp amber, creating a crisp, fresh, yet playful scent.

The nutty and peppery notes of the Sichuan pepper and angelica seed are very apparent in this scent, but are complemented with sweet and earthy notes of jasmine and fig. The galbanum and amber notes are rich and lush, adding a unique twist to the candle. Together, the candle’s aroma adds a refreshing atmosphere to your space.

Seeing as I’ve been increasingly confined to my space over the past year, the scent has been a critical tool to help add ambiance to my space and just switch things up. I’ve noticed that when I have a candle burning at my desk when working from home, I feel more relaxed and focused.

Krissy and Chloe say it best: “lighting a candle help to ritualize your space, making whatever you’re doing infused with more intention.”

The collaboration also includes a Boy Smells x Sky Ting long sleeve t-shirt with Smell Ting graphics. The limited-edition t-shirt and candle can be purchased together in a bundle for $90, and the limited-edition candle can be purchased alone for $39.

Each Smell Ting purchase comes with a complimentary one-month pass to Sky Ting TV, where you can view the exclusive Smell Ting yoga class hosted by Krissy, Chloe, and Boy Smells founder, Matthew Herman.

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