There’s an exciting modern fragrance revolution happening with so many new start-ups emergings, from Boy Smells, Hawthorne, dedcool and others. Among them is Sigil Scent, a queer-owned brand that’s all about promoting a genderless fragrance.

The brand, which relaunches on April 15 is 100% natural and “for every identity, every body.” Created by California-native, Patrick Kelly, the brand wants to ensure that it’s inclusive to all, no matter your gender identity.

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In his opinion, “all perfume is genderless,” he tells Very Good Light. “It’s only once we wrap a fragrance in marketing, in culture and language, that we assert this idea of binaries. To me, scent is a magical and ephemeral shared experience.”

Speaking of magic, Patrick believes a fragrance is exactly that – completely powerful and outer worldly. The very name comes from sigil being a talisman and Patrick believes a fragrance can be protective as it is a “physical manifestation of its creator’s will, intent or creative aspirations,” he says. “It gives power and is pure magic.”

It’s also completely safe because it’s 100% natural. Each of the fragrances is handmade and comes from wild harvested ingredients to those that are handmade tinctures. They come in four fragrances: Solutio, Amor Fati, Anima Mundi and Prima Materia. Our favorite: Solutio, which smells light and “green” almost like the first day of spring (which is today!). With cypress, cypriol notes along with other essential oils, it’s gorgeous and smells like the physical manifestation of what a cold breeze feels like on a sunny spring day. It’s refreshing, cool and absolutely renewing. It’s also completely feminine with a masculine touch, which is exactly what Patrick is trying to achieve.

“This is a fragrance for anyone open to blurring the lines of what traditional ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ associations of scent can be,” he says. “The magic of all perfume is that it is a device for homing in on a feeling of one’s fully realized identities, potential and dreams.”

A fragrance that is both beautiful yet powerful? Sounds like magic, indeed.

Get Sigil Scent for $120 or a set of mini vials for $50 HERE

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