One of the great things about witchcraft that there really are no hard-and-fast rules.

As a male witch, I’ve come across many a spell to get me through the day. Below, is a spell that uses many common ingredients in your own household.

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DISCLAIMER: just because I recommend certain ingredients or supplies, don’t stress if you don’t have it. Follow your intuition and use what you have available (Pro Tip: look in your kitchen cabinets) and do what you feel best suits you. If you’re doing this on Halloween night, let things get a little spooky.

Close your eyes, turn off the lights, and let the spirits take over.


-Epsom salt, rock salt, or any other chunky salt
-Sage or palo santo
-Candles (preferably pink or white)
-Rose quartz or clear quartz
-Dried herbs like rose petals, violet leaf, lemon balm or lavender (you can also use fresh flowers if you don’t have dried)
-Essential oils like rose, bergamot, jasmine or rosemary


Fill about half of a medium bowl with the salt. Drop a few drops of your essential oil(s) and herbs into the bowl and mix with your fingers.


Start setting the scene. Go to your bathroom and light your sage or palo santo. Use the smoke to cleanse the space of any negativity, making sure to waft the smoke into all the corners and especially around any windows you have. If you want to speak aloud during this process you can (something like “get out of here, negativity!” or “I banish you!”).


Next pass the crystal(s) through the smoke as well to cleanse them. You want everything to be as fresh and energetically clear as possible and as you pass through the smoke, envision any negativity melting off of them.


Draw a bath, as warm as you can stand. It doesn’t have to be piping hot, but should be comfortable and inviting. As it fills, add about half of the salt and oil mixture to the water. Place your candle(s) around the room or tub and light them. For good measure, you can top off the bath with more drops of oil, herbs and flowers to make it extra beautiful and fragrant.


Hold the crystal(s) as you step into the bath close to your heart. As you sink into the water, direct your intention into the crystals in your hands. If it helps to speak aloud, you can do that too (something like “I am beautiful” or “I love myself” or “I am the most perfect version of myself”). Remember this is a self-love spell.”


Close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out (your head should be above the water line). Envision the water glowing with a warm pink light, growing brighter and brighter as your body is submerged. In your minds eye, see the warm pink light of the water taking over your body, from your toes gradually up through your legs into your stomach, down your arms, into your fingertips and pushing out through the top of your head. As this light fills your body, see the black smoke of negativity leaving your body, seeping into the water as it gets replaced by the warm pink light. Repeat your intention or affirmation silently or aloud.


Once your body has no more blackness and is full to the brim of pink light, open your eyes. Use the rest of the salt mixture to scrub your skin, taking with it every remnant of negativity that might be left behind. Repeat your intention as you do this.


Once you’re finished scrubbing, sit for as long as you’re comfortable in the water, feeling the warm pink light pulsate out from your heart, your body full of love and beauty. Focus your energy into the crystal.


When you feel ready, dunk your head under the water to seal in the light. Then, still sitting in the tub, unplug the drain. As the water rushes away, envision the negativity that was previously in your body swirling down the drain, away from your body, leaving you clean and glowing.


When all the water is gone, get out of the bath and put on your favorite body lotion or oil. Do whatever else you do to make yourself feel beautiful (this could be your skincare routine or putting in a super luxurious hair product or whatever!). Keep the crystal on your sink or vanity so you see it whenever you look in the mirror.

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