Rudy's Clay Spray
(Photo by David Yi/Very Good Light)

Sometimes having thick, straight Asian hair is … frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s so much better than worrying about thinning or not having enough hair. But strong hair often means you’re never not at war with your locks. There are days when you’re screaming at that sharp shard of wet hair to stay down, and others when you’re willing your dead hair to rise from its grave. Washing your hair before bed means waking up looking like Goku and not washing it at all makes the oils build up so you end up looking like a mutant. And when it comes to products, good luck. Using a clay pomade sometimes makes your hair way too sticky while using a leave-in conditioner will make your hair flop over by lunchtime.

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Basically, having Asian hair means you have to have A LOT of patience and understanding – and wearing hats. Lot of hats.

That is, until I came across Rudy’s Barbershop and its newest product, the Clay Spray. The brand, now celebrating 25 years, sent over the product four weeks ago. And since, I’ve been spraying it around my bathroom without abandon. Essentially, the product is exactly what it says it is – clay in a spray form. In this case it’s specifically a clay pomade mixed together with a sea salt spray, two products that, separately, are perfect for giving volumizing your hair while also taming it.

(Spray away, spray away, spray away.)

At first, I’ll admit I was skeptical. A thick, clay texture bottled up into a spray? Would it come out in chunks? Would it be messy AF? Would I have a few strands that are thicker than others? They’re valid questions, one that Rudy’s and its entire team brainstormed for over a year.

When speaking to Rudy’s CEO, Brendon Lynch, the product’s inception came about after surveying employees about what kinds of products were needed in the industry. After discovering everyone was really into cocktailing sea salt sprays together with clay pomades, Brendon said it only made sense to offer a two-in-one product.

As mentioned, the process took a long time. Finding a strong enough clay product that wasn’t too heavy and water soluble was definitely a conundrum to figure out. “The first clay we tried was bentonite clay which is the same one as in our clay pomade but it was too heavy and separating from the liquid so it had to be constantly shaken up,” Brendon tells Very Good Light. The result after 7-8 formulas: Kaolin clay, a mild clay that’s silky. It’s also one used in face masks to neutralize oily skin while detoxifying pores.

Asian mullet

The two properties together make it perfect for anyone who has thick, oily hair that needs taming and volume for that natural look.

While testing the product, I simply sprayed water in my hair, towel-dried it, then proceeded to spray it all over. Starting from the roots, I’d spritz the Clay Spray about 5-6 pumps until my entire head had enough product in it. Unlike what I thought, it sprayed evenly. Note: I’ve been doing this co-washing thing where I’m weening off shampoo so my head has been extra oily. This product worked WONDERS because it soaked up the extra oil, acting as a dry shampoo, while allowing my hair to have the natural, beachy, lived-in look.

Rudy's Clay Spray

I’d simply style my hair with my fingers, walk out the door, and allow it to dry. Which is when the magic ~really~ starts to happen. That’s when the product will beautifully sit into your scalp and locks, hold it in place, while allowing your hair to flow beautifully. It makes it seem as if you paid zero attention to styling your hair that morning, with shine, grittiness to it, with a messy, beachy look that almost every guy is going for.

Of course, this Clay Spray isn’t recommended for all hair types. While it’s great for guys with thick, straight, oily hair, I wouldn’t say it’s for coarse or dry hair. I feel the clay mixed with salt will be way too much for over-drying someone’s scalp. At the end of the day, not every hair product is meant for every person. Of course, you’ll have to trial and test out the best products for you. But if you’re lazy, have unruly hair and just want it to look good in seconds, this Clay Spray is ~exactly~ what you need.

Get the Clay Spray later this month, from Rudy’s Barbershop.

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