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For those of you who haven’t tried marijuana, the beauty industry thinks you will, soon.

But it’s not a puff puff pass situation. Rather, cold pressed marijuana leaves that produce something called CBD oil.  Seen in everything from candy gummies to lotions, bar soaps, and now even a mascara from Milk Makeup, there seems to be a marijuana-related product on the market for just about anything nowadays. With nine states, including Washington D.C., now legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, the access to cannabis has rapidly become more accessible in the past few years.

But what exactly goes into these products? How are companies allowed to sell them in states that don’t have recreational marijuana laws? And why is everyone suddenly talking about it?

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That’s because CBD oil works, and does so really, really well. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical found in marijuana. Because the compound is non-psychoactive, it will not get you high. Instead, its list of benefits include relief of physical pain, anxiety, and depression, while also providing anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties. Not to be confused with THC, the compound that would give you the same effects as smoking marijuana, CBD is meant to be used to aid a consumer’s specific medical need. And because it doesn’t “impair” you in any way, it is completely legal across the country. Used for everything from epilepsy to clinical depression, the grounds for application are wide and powerful.

(Illustration by Hannah Morrison/Very Good Light)

“Although there is still little research on CBD in beauty and cosmetic products, studies show that it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and antimicrobial properties,” says Dr. Bonni Goldstein, founder of Canna-Centers and medical advisor to Weedmaps. “It is quite possible that topical CBD for facial products, bath salts, lip balms and other items could be very beneficial. Many of my patients are getting excellent results using CBD topical balms and salves for treatment of pain, such as chronic back pain or injured joints, and also for skin rashes such as eczema or psoriasis, so it seems quite reasonable to assume that other topical applications would be beneficial as well.”

“It’s sexy and fun to talk about weed beauty products.”

Marijuana is a hot topic. Still on the brink of being taboo among some communities, the use of it, for any which reason, causes conversation – and controversy.

“People talk about it mostly because it’s sexy and fun to talk about weed beauty products,” says Brennan Kilbane, senior writer at Allure. “The important thing to note is that CBD accompanies a lot of marketing bravado. I think the rise of CBD as a personal care ingredient is, of course, a byproduct of the increasing legality of weed, but CBD as an ingredient is very sophisticated—it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is why it can do everything from treat facial redness to assuage sore joints,” he says.

For Brennan, using CBD is great for baths, natural anxiety help, and de-stressing. The editor admits taking CBD every morning. He’s like more and more young people who are adopting CBD into their daily regimen.

After all, we are considered “the anxious generation,” millennials who are painted as “fragile” and “delicate” in media. As reported in the New York Post, in 2015, the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” survey found that those who have close family or friends to turn to in times of stress experience less stress regularly. In today’s society, we are often taught the importance of independence and are encouraged to do things on our own. It’s not uncommon to feel alone, or like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I felt lighter, less cloudy, and overall less anxious.

When I learned that CBD could help aid this feeling and help me go about my day-to-day easier, I had to give it a go.

For about a month, I started using CBD on a daily basis. A few drops under the tongue has powerful and potent abilities. I started using The Daily Hit from the natural beauty retailer, Cap Beauty. The oil is said to “boost your body’s ability to handle the stressors of daily life, sharpen your focus and energize your mind.”

With CBD I felt lighter, less cloudy, and overall less anxious.
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The taste? It might take some getting used to. A mix of mint chocolate, coconut oil, and earthy undertones, definitely not a flavor I normally would start my day with. However, what makes this CBD oil so special among others on the market, is it meant to be mixed with foods and drinks. After a few days of adding the elixir to my morning tea or coffee, I couldn’t help but notice the effects.

I felt lighter, less cloudy, and overall less anxious. Sure, the first few days I couldn’t help but wonder if the placebo effect was in motion. However, after noticing how I felt before and after using CBD over the course of a month’s time, I realized there was definitely some truth to the product’s claims.

Like any anti-anxiety medicine or product, it is important to remember this doesn’t “cure your problems.” Instead, it helps aid the stress you may feel going about your routine. Like any self-care advocate, taking extra time to provide your body with the things it needs to succeed is something of the utmost importance to us here at Very Good Light. There should be no shame in seeking help if you need it.

So, what does the future hold for CBD?

“I see it growing much larger than it already is,” says Jenna Igneri, associate fashion and beauty editor at NYLON. “The wellness market is booming, and as cannabis continues to get legalized and grow in popularity, consumers are going to be curious to try beauty products containing CBD, THC, and other cannabis-derived ingredients. Not just for ‘hippies’ or those who are into ‘crunchie’ living.”

Frankly, there is still much to be learned.

“If the cannabis plant can be completely legalized federally, researchers and physicians would be able to study these compounds to determine who [more specificially] might benefit and at what doses or concentrations,” says Dr. Bonni Goldstein. “THC and CBD have the potential to positively impact human health in a tremendous way by reducing inflammation, fighting cancer, decreasing the effects of aging and fighting infection. As more and more people use these compounds and find benefits, I believe our laws will change to allow freedom to do the much-needed research.”

AKA a trend not just for stoners, but those looking to handle the stressors of today’s digital world. Which is why CBD is here and it’s here to stay. Now puff, puff, pass me that CBD oil, will you?

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