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How Unistella and the help of social media defeated Sally Hansen

by David Yi in Look

It was August 2017 when the nail artist Unistella aka Eunkyung Park, received a curious DM. It was from the mega-American nail care brand, Sally Hansen, owned by Coty, Inc. They were inquiring about a possible collaboration. The ask made total sense. After all, Eunkyung and her Seoul-based Unistella nail...

This is the nail trend you’re going to want NOW

by David Yi in Body

(One of the LED light displays in Unistella’s Cheongdam shop. Photo by David Yi/ Very Good Light)Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen Unistella’s nail art somewhere on social media. Whether it’s her LED, slime, or velvet nails, the designs you’...

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