fenty beauty

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Is this the end of celebrity beauty brands?

by Cristina Montemayor in Face

It’s 2017 and Fenty Beauty just launched with a revolutionary 40 foundation shades alongside contour sticks, lip gloss, brushes, and high-voltage highlighters. You just had to be there. The launch brings the beauty industry to its knees, as reporters, influencers, and fans began praising Rihanna for her innovation and...

Fenty Beauty is the best new beauty brand. Period.

by David Yi in Face

“Fenty Beauty. Believe the hype. This is not a game. Wow.” That’s exactly my sentiments after testing Fenty Beauty. If you haven’t heard of Fenty Beauty yet (seriously, who are you?), the line now sold at Sephoras in 17 countries (!!!) is Rihanna’s first foray into beauty. Rihanna’...

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