How the f**k is it already almost fall?!

Um, first of all, I am so confused. It feels like summer never began, and already it’s winding down. So y’all know what that means: school is headed back into session.

As a college student, this semester still remains uncertain, but many of us will be returning to campuses in some capacity. With countless Zoom calls ahead, it’s important to maintain skincare and overall health throughout your social distancing and the stresses of back-to-school.

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When packing your backpack, it’s always smart to carry a few necessary products to keep you both pretty and prepared before, during, and after class. Here are the best products for every student to toss into your backpack this semester.

1. Mask

This one should go without saying. If you’re venturing outside your house or dorm for class, lunch, a meeting, or literally any reason at all, you best be wearing a mask. Countless brands have created masks of their own, so there are plenty of reusable, sustainable and fashionable ways to protect yourself and others while on campus. Look for designs with a snug fit for a safe, non-slip situation.

For the athletes: Reebok’s Face Covers ($30 for 3)

For the reality TV stans: SKIMS’ Seamless Face Mask ($8)

For the voters: Everlane’s The 100% Human Face Mask ($25 for 5, 10% donated to the ACLU)

*Have you registered to vote yet? Text FRIENDS to 26797 check your voter registration! (via @iamavoter)

2. Sunscreen

If for some reason SPF is not already in your routine, you need to wear it on the daily starting, like, yesterday. By wearing sunscreen every day, you’re protecting your skin from cancer, hyperpigmentation, and long-term damage. We’ve all had the roll-out-of-bed-run-to-class morning, so keep your sunscreen in your bag to apply later if you’re late – especially if you’re planning to relax on the quad after class.

For those who love a full face beat: Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($17)

For sensitive skin: Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 ($15.99)

For the “I Studied Abroad and it Changed My Life” student: La Roche Posay’s Anthelios SPF 60 ($29.99)

3. Hand Sanitizer

College campuses are filled with shared surfaces, from door handles, to desks, to communal bathrooms. If you can’t get to a sink to scrub your hands, having an effective hand sanitizer with you at all times is a must. There are plenty to choose from, no matter if you want a spray, pump, organic, or fragrance-free option.

For the fragrance lovers: everyone’s Hand Sanitizer Spray ($17.99 for 6)

For the fragrance haters: Sunbum’s Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer ($3.99)

For the green queens: by Humankind’s Hand Sanitizer ($15)

For the vegans/people who shop exclusively at Whole Foods: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer ($4.99)

4. Facial Mist

It’s basically a college requirement to wake up in your dorm at least once a week feeling crusty as hell. A facial spray can revive your skin, set your makeup, and give you an instant refresher with just one spritz. It’s the perfect product for a pick-me-up after staring at your computer all day.

For the dangerously dehydrated: Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray ($16 for 2 minis)

For the basics: Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea ($7)

For those who glow on-the-go: Huda Beauty’s Glow Coco Hydrating Mist ($35)

5. Moisturizer

Every skin type craves moisture for face, hands, and body. It’s important to keep options in your backpack because you never know when dryness could strike. Hands chapped from all the washing? Moisturize. Face dry under your mask? Moisturize. There are tons of options, no matter what your moisturizer preferences are – just make sure you’re partaking!

For the lazy b*tches: Nivea’s All-in-One Creme ($6.49)

For the bros and dudes: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel ($28)

For the people who study until 4 am: iNNBeauty Project’s Slushy ($28)

6. Lip Balm

Nobody wants to turn on Zoom and be forced to look at a pair of dry, chapped lips every day. Masks are also incredibly drying for the lips. Make sure you have a product on-hand that will keep your lips juicy, happy, and healthy.

For anyone and everyone: Vaseline’s Lip Therapy ($1.79)

For super chapped lips: Aquaphor’s Lip Repair ($2.99)

For the gloss bosses: Glossier’s Balm Dot Calm ($12)

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