Did you have a boner this morning?

If yes, congrats – you’re doing great. If no – let’s talk. Whether you see it as a nuisance or not, morning wood is kind of important. The presence of a morning erection means your body is in good shape. The lack of a morning erection can signify potential health risks. Morning wood is totally normal while the absence of it could be something to worry about.

Using an app called Morning Glory, I recorded whether or not I had morning wood for an entire week. The app works like this: If you wake up “at attention,” so to speak, the app shows you a congratulatory GIF, a fun fact about erections, and you’re on your way. Some of them include:

  • Did you know that morning wood springs up during REM sleep? That’s when your dreamin’ and your brain is relaxed. Relaxed brain = hello erection.
  • Fun fact: you probably had an average of 5 erections (!!!) while you were sleeping. So great work.
  • A morning boner is a sign you’re in killer sexual health. It’s your body’s way of making sure adequate oxygen is flowing around inside.
  • You’re killin it with that nocturnal penile tumescence. (That’s just a fancy way to say ‘boner’ btw).

The app is straightforward and records how many consecutive days you wake up with an erection. It also counts days you don’t wake up with an erection. If this happens three days in a row, it means something may not be right and the app suggests you speak with a physician.

Studies show that a growing number of men are experiencing erectile dysfunction at a younger age.

The idea for this app comes from men’s health startup, Roman, as a way to teach men about morning erections and the correlation it has to their general health. Unlike what most would think, erections aren’t just a signifier of a healthy libido. Erections are a significant indicator to the state of one’s health. Erectile dysfunction can be seen as a warning sign for serious health issues. While an erection might seem straightforward, it’s not. There are a lot of pieces that come together that need to sync perfectly to allow your penis to bloom.These factors include: blood flow, hormones, heart rate, and even REM cycles. Waking up with a boner means you’re healthy and everything is working the way it should and you’re at a lower risk of things like diabetes and heart disease.

Roman made the app simple and easy to use. Even before my first cup of coffee, answering “yes” or “no”  was something my groggy mind was capable of. Being congratulated for my beautifully functioning manhood was a great start to the day and using the app became a highlight of my morning routine.  My streak of erections displayed front and center on the app’s home screen became a symbol of pride. After a week, I’m happy to report that I appear to be in good health and that my week saw no lack of hardwood, glory, or pitched tents. But that’s not the reality for an increasing amount of men.

Studies show that a growing number of men are experiencing erectile dysfunction at a younger age. Of patients experiencing erectile dysfunction, 25-30% are under the age of 40.  According to Dr. Reitano, Roman’s resident physician, the lack of morning erections in younger men can stem from a number of things relating to lifestyle, including increased alcohol intake, drug usage, and stress. The app aims to teach men the signs of erectile dysfunction and what that could mean in terms of health down the road. As Dr. Reitano puts it, “The lack of a morning erection is like the rattle you hear before the check engine light appears.” Waking up without morning wood is a sign you should take better care of yourself.

While men are quick to talk about sex, erectile dysfunction and sexual health don’t usually come up in conversation. “I woke up with a boner everyday this week,” isn’t something you normally tell people, let alone celebrate. That said, if my boner streak continues undisturbed for a week, I’m afraid I’m never going to shut up about it. I have a real hard on for this app, I guess.

Track your own erections to see if your morning glory is trying to tell you something. Download the app here.

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