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I learned to love LA traffic

by David Yi in Look

(That moment when you’re like, uh, why didn’t I just call an Uber? Photo by Sarah Yun/Very Good Light)You’re either an LA person or you’re not. [/2017/10/18/youre-either-an-la-person-or-youre-not/] I’m still on the fence. For me, LA is an institution where orange...

You’re either an LA person or you’re not.

by David Yi in Real Life

News Flash: I officially moved out of NYC. After eight years of subjugating myself to: stare at men in Vineyard Vines with their hairy flip flopped-toes splishing and splashing in garbage juice; bear older shirtless gentlemen jiggling their sweat at me on humid summer afternoon subways; and patiently observe cockroaches...

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