There was a time when beauty magazines dictated the latest and greatest beauty trends. People would flip through the glossy pages looking for inspiration for their next look. In more recent history, however, social media rules all — with TikTok having the widest influence.

TikTok is an incubator for all beauty trends to come about in the last few years. Every popular haircut, eyeliner style, or hack has stemmed from this platform. It's all thanks to creators on TikTok who plant the seeds for the next big things in beauty. We compiled five up-and-coming beauty creators you should know about. We're betting that they're the ones keeping a pulse on what's next.

Klara Hlander, @kanndighemma

Maiya The Don @maiyathedon

Lizzy Wong, @lizzymwong

Natalie Evio, @natviolette

Makayla Campinos, @notmikaylacampinos

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