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You may be skeptical about ordering prescription medication online, and, honestly, you have reason to be!

One study found that over 70% of one brand of erectile dysfunction medication purchased from unverified sources online was fake (Source). So if you’re a guy looking for trustworthy, FDA-approved ED medication from the comfort of your home, where do you turn? That’s where Roman comes in.

With Roman, you can connect with a US-licensed healthcare professional for a free consultation to see if prescription ED treatment is right for you. If you’re prescribed treatment, Roman sticks with you the entire time with unlimited free follow-ups with your provider to optimize your results and ensure the best care possible.

But don’t take our word for it. Below are stories from real Roman members who started out as skeptics but ended up pleasantly surprised by the results. LEARN MORE.

Note: Patient names have been changed for discretion.

“I expected the process to end in failure…”

“Because I live in a small town, I didn’t want to approach my primary physician with this problem. So I pessimistically went to the Roman website after seeing numerous TV commercials. I expected the process to end in failure. If it did work, I was expecting weeks to months before having any medication in my hands. And then there were lingering doubts that the medication would be real, FDA-approved sildenafilI. Truth be known, I was skeptical about the process and the product. And I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! I signed up on the Roman website, answered all the medical history questions, uploaded a picture of my driver’s license and uploaded a picture of my face so they could ensure I was the dude on the ID. I was told that I appeared to be a candidate for an ED medication, and that a doctor would be in touch with me…” – James B. Age 50

…it just flat out works – as expected.”

“…with Roman, I found a product that is the real deal. I state this because it just flat out works – as expected. I do not hesitate to highly recommend their product because of my personal experience with it as well as the superior customer service, respect and compassion these folks have for their customers. Thank You Roman!” – Ryan S. Age 44

“My health plan would be $160 for four pills. Heck no!”

“I spoke to my doctor about ED. I am over 50, and things don’t respond like they’re 30 years old anymore. At my last doctor visit, he gave me some of the sample packs to try. It was amazing to be back in peak performance again. I went back several weeks later for a prescription. My health plan would be $160 for four pills. Heck no! I saw a commercial for Roman, signed up, and they answered the questions. I spoke to a doctor, and they’re being shipped. Much less expensive and right to my door..” – Brain C. Age 56

“I was too young for ED…”

“At age 38 having been married over ten years and 3 kids I thought I was too young for ED…My wife and I feel like this revitalized our marriage and we are communicating better all stemming from more confidence in the bedroom. I highly recommend this for men in the same situation. Thank you so much, Roman!” – Danny P. Age 38

“My worries were put to rest the moment I signed up with Roman and received my first prescription…”

“I wasn’t sure about using an online Dr./pharmacy for men’s health needs. My worries were put to rest the moment I signed up with Roman and received my first prescription. Right from the start, I had access to a doctor that could answer all of my questions and recommend the right treatment. Any time I needed to ask a question or change my prescription Dr. Julie was just an email away and would usually get back to me within hours. Roman is truly a first-rate company with excellent products and the best Customer care anyone could ask for!” – Charles T. Age 60

Ready to try Roman yourself? Start your free online visit today at GetRoman.com.


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