“With Very Good Light, [David Yi] hopes to redefine masculinity and to redefine men’s beauty. The timing may be right.”

“[Very Good Light] is a part of this larger shift to help continue to change hetero-normative stereotypes and redefine the concept of male masculinity in today’s society.”

“Very Good Light … has stories about redefining masculinity, faking perfect skin (BB cream is required), and, our personal favorite, how you’re parting your hair all wrong.”

“Can you be beautiful and masculine at the same time? David Yi says you can.”

“Yi is part of a growing movement of men’s beauty influencers who, along with brands seeking to tap an emerging market of male consumers, are aiming to normalize men experimenting in beauty practices oft relegated to women.”

Very Good Light does not cater to just one “type” of man. David explains, ‘We don’t have to sell it out as an ‘inclusive’ and ‘woke’ brand. We want that to exude through our site and the content we produce.’

“Though this site seems to be a bold step into the unknown, it’s filling a niche that was begging to be occupied. Don’t assume that Very Good Light is just GQ for the younger set, as it aims to be more inclusive and not just for your average manly man.”

“Very Good Light … is a digital, ‘social first’ brand.”

“Very Good Light is the men’s beauty website courting Generation Z. David Yi is entering uncharted territory with a little help from a team of teen consultants.”

“Very Good Light, can be a safe space for young men to learn about practicing self-care and love, lessons my mother instilled in me. It’s this belief that beauty is more than skin deep that inspires me every day to educate through daily posts on the website.”

“His next act that has its sights set on creating a grooming space for guys in a new group—move over millennials, make way for Gen Z.”

“Very Good Light: the ultimate destination for those on the forefront of redefining masculinity, Generation Z. There’s never been a platform for men like this before, and I’m so glad it finally exists.”

“I feel like makeup has allowed me to become my better self. I can hide my imperfections while enhancing what I love.

“This website is helping men with their beauty and grooming problems.”

“Men have skin needs, they want to look their best, they want education … It’s more than okay — it’s actually awesome — to want to invest in yourself.”

“On Oct. 17, a new platform for Generation Z men called Very Good Light launched. It focuses on expanded views of masculinity and how that influences male beauty and grooming.”

“Very Good Light, does offer a focused platform for just grooming and appearance topics instead of burying few and far between articles like that in publications that cover a wider range of manly man things.”

“Started less than a year ago, Very Good Light “aims to redefine masculinity and men’s beauty standards” by making makeup and skincare a lot less scary for men. With articles ranging from bronzing tutorials to essays about feeling comfortable in BB creams, there are tips for all kinds of men out there.”

“In the context of men’s beauty and grooming in 2017, he thinks manning up means owning yourself. Owning who you are. And owning your own authentic voice.”

“The boy beauty movement is a movement; it’s not just a trend; it’s not just a niche culture,” Yi said. “This movement is only getting bigger, and 2017 is the year it’s going to explode.”

“Very Good Light is a new website dedicated to examining what it means to be masculine.”

“The newly launched Very Good Light is perfect for millennials and Generation Z.”

“Very Good Light, is a website that’s redefining masculinity and men’s beauty standards.”

“This beauty site was created just for men. With this site, [Very Good Light] is essentially redefining masculinity and changing the landscape of beauty for men.”